July, 2011

It’s just not nice … to be nice

“I was trying to be nice. ” How often have you found saying or thinking those words? As far as I’m concerned, it’s an epidemic that keeps us from really living our lives. I remember that I used to believe that I was actually doing a good in the world by trying to be nice….

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July 25, 2011 tagged as: , , , ,

I’m work? wtf?

I’ve never heard of anyone looking into the eyes of a relatively new life murmuring: “What a work in progress you are! What a little ‘not good enough’ you are!” I’m talking about a baby. A puppy or a kitten will do too. Maybe you’ve watched the little one sleep feeling yourself too lulled into…

Daydreaming is magic

This dog was my inspiration on a day like any other. Long before we actually ever found Sonnet, I researched dog breeds by reading about them online, talking to everyone that I knew that had a dog about their dog and struck up conversation with strangers about theirs. I wanted to share my life with…

My 1st favourite things list

Why a favourite things list? … because I value good recommendations and want to spread the word when I know of something good. … because while I don’t want everything that I lay eyes on, there are certain things that offer a sweetness to life that I really appreciate. … because when you can’t find…