October, 2012

claim your career bliss: interview with hannah brencher

“It was just getting more tiring to do the job I was getting paid to do. Eventually I felt that I was doing a disservice to the company. I needed to re-evaluate and [it took the most courage] to do what it would take to leap out … I’ve never had this much peace in…

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October 30, 2012 tagged as:

career help for your dis-ease

I am writing to ask (no, actually, maybe, it’s closer to begging) you to cease the following: Don’t meet people and barf out “corporate speak” (so that you can fool yourself into thinking that you’re making a career connection). Don’t tell people what you’re awesome at and expect them to know what you’re saying (because…

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October 23, 2012 tagged as:

q&a: two loves but no job bliss

::Question:: I have two loves: Public relations and writing stories. The thing is that I am doing these two things in separate jobs, but don’t make much money. I want full-time work with good pay. I see others that I know working at their “dream job” experiencing job bliss doing what I want to do…

do you have a ‘poo poo’ person in your life?

You know what you want to create in your life. You know that if you headed in a particular direction that you’d be happy. You even have supporters, encouragers and people imagining your success. Wanting it for you. Career bliss is possible. But you’re stalling. You’re not growing emotionally towards taking the steps in creating…

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