November, 2012

your personality test can’t get you career bliss (here’s why not)

Have you got career bliss yet from your personality test (or as I like to call it, your ego test) result? Likely not. The thing is that personality tests aren’t really useful career decision-making tools. So don’t use or rely on them for that. How come? (So glad you asked …) From what I’ve seen,…

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November 30, 2012 tagged as:

claim your career bliss: inteview with alyson mead

“It’s not like everyone is ‘yeah!’ when they [the people close to you] find out that you’re a psychic … It scares people … [the profession doesn’t have a good reputation] … I helped someone escape from an abusive husband [I tell the story in the book] … To not claim my [psychic] ability was…

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November 19, 2012 tagged as:

what career bliss and being professional have in common

Fear isn’t nondescript. It’s actually very specific. If you ask. If you listen. If you care to know. Fear says that career bliss is not only improbable, it’s impossible. Because, fear says: Being the real you at work is unprofessional. So you have this fear that if you were really yourself at work you would…

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November 12, 2012 tagged as:

5 recommendations from a career counselor to you + why

I read a lot. Anything that I can get my hands on as a career counselor that can, will and does help you create a career in harmony with the life force flowing through you. Personally vetted. I’m actually not unlike my dog, Sonnet, when she finds a deer bone or stinky fish remains on…

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November 7, 2012 tagged as: