July, 2013

why a personality assessment can’t create self-awareness

You are oriented to life differently than some and the same as others. No, it’s not an overly insightful statement, but in moments you do forget. You need to make yourself right so that someone else can be wrong (or vice versa … yes, that happens). You can’t figure someone out that you want to…

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July 24, 2013 tagged as:

when to quit and when to persist

“I don’t want to work,” John* said. “Good. I don’t want you to work either.” I said. He looked surprised. Like I was a weirdo or something. “Aren’t you a Career Counselor? Aren’t you supposed to help people find work?” “Yes, I am a Career Counselor, but if I thought my job was what you…

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July 17, 2013 tagged as: