February, 2014

the most disliked career question that ever existed (+ a worksheet for your answer because it doesn’t have to be this way)

Most people (and clients) I know hate being asked: “So, what do you do?” The conversation is going great. You’re connecting and laughing and then suddenly the other person slips in the dreaded question. You tell them your job title: “Oh me .. um … I’m a Career Counselor.” And you hope the question is…

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February 23, 2014 tagged as:

your most meaningful career plan ever (as a poem)

Your career isn’t a job title – in fact, a job title is just packaging to say how you spend your day. A focus on the packaging keeps you away from meaningful career planning. So, let’s quickly plan your career. And I do mean quickly. Get ready to write it down and keep it in…

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February 10, 2014 tagged as:

whatever your work, let it be how you care (for you + others)

“Not ALL people can or will follow their passion even if they could find it … Someone’s still gotta take orders at McDonald’s, haul the garbage, answer the phones, install the cable. If all of us were destined for ‘living the life we were meant to live,’ nobody would do those jobs!” If you think…