Bliss claimers: Who ARE these people?

I’m finding out. I’m interviewing them, right here. People who are actually doing it.

A series of video interviews. Just for you! I run them as they are ready for viewing beginning the last week of March 2012.

(OMG, it’s my inner Oprah coming out!)

Real people, in the flesh, claiming their own bliss. Sharing their stories and insights with you.

Why talk about this?

‘Cuz: It’s high time to dialogue about what following your bliss really is, really means, really looks like. ‘Cuz it’s not what you think.

So, let’s get this fact out of the way: following your bliss IS NOT practical.

Bliss is the worthwhile, authentic, enchanted, purpose-giving, simple (not to be confused with simplistic), vibrant, meaning-full path.

Bliss is the path that’s scary – because you acknowledge uncertainty as inherent in just being alive.

It’s not terrifying or reckless – which is what some people think it means or needs to be as a reason to avoid theirs.

Nor is it safe (read: snoring boring) – which is what some people settle for in life as a way of creating the illusion of certainty.

It’s not the path that is less traveled either. It’s the one that’s never been traveled – but this doesn’t make it lonely.

It makes it rich.

Remember: there is only one you in all of time, so how could your path possibly be a traveled one to begin with?

Bliss expands you as you self realize and know your potential. And in the words of Joseph Campbell, it’s the one path where the doors will only open for you. Through prayer more than prying, but not without taking the steps.

Redefine bliss with me as: consciousness, commitment, kindness, courage, love. Your bliss lies in making your contribution that the world needs and finding a way to get paid for it.

In this series, you are going to meet people that live contrary to the notion of bliss as a form of ignorance. Bliss wasn’t a nice idea to them, it was the inspired path. And in their sharing, may their stories inspire you to embrace uncertainty, think less, listen to your own life more, while you yourself inspire others to claim their bliss.

Bliss is permission.

Ready? Here we go!

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8 responses to “Bliss claimers: Who ARE these people?”

  1. That’s such an innocent little post! Really enjoying the essence of bliss you are talking about. When we are in bliss, these so called successes and failures don’t matter any more. It is above that feeling. It is freedom.
    Thank you so much for writing such an awesome post.

  2. So glad i just found you via Danielle LaPorte’s site {we both wrote posts about our super hero names}. Love your vibe and outlook. My word of the year is BLISS and I host a Little Bliss List link-up on my blog each week. Woot! I’ll follow your magic and share it with my peeps. xo – Liv

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