Bliss Kit Launched: it’s not too late to be you (at work)

It’s not too late to be the real you + get paid for it. Get your bliss on with the Bliss Kit

Holy. Claim. Your. Bliss. Now.

Get secret weapons grade career help to cure that “icky Monday morning” feeling.

Why secret weapons grade? Excellent question (I love how we’re so connected).

Do this: Think James Bond x7

1. The Bliss Kit is loaded. All the best and most profound resources at your fingertips.

2. I walk you through every step of how to use your secret weapon in videos, imageries, story-telling, etc. I’m Q, you’re JB.

3. The Bliss Kit is attractive, innocuously normal looking, extremely charming, as well as profoundly potent and influential. It’ll give you access to where you need to be when you need to be there.

4. The Bliss Kit’s job is to make your life easier and get you out of 007-worthy situations in your real life work situations. Feel well-equipped.

5. England made an investment for their top agent to show up for work everyday. He was a worthwhile investment. So. Are. You. The Bliss Kit is an investment in yourself.

6. Just like the world waited for James to save the day, the world is waiting for you. You are the hero in your own life.

7. It’s all action from here on in.

P.S. Now you click on “action” – the *big* red button. See it?

Click to tweet it: “Bliss is action. So act now!”

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