whatever your work, let it be how you care (for you + others)

“Not ALL people can or will follow their passion even if they could find it … Someone’s still gotta take orders at McDonald’s, haul the garbage, answer the phones, install the cable. If all of us were destined for ‘living the life we were meant to live,’ nobody would do those jobs!” If you think…

the circuitous and curious fabled yet truthful path to career bliss

As a wee one you got asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” … a lot. And really, how annoying was that?! A mermaid. A car designer. A firefighter. A dancer. A hockey player. An umpire. A unicorn. Duh. Your family smirked. Thought you were cute. They took your dreams literally…

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career + life wisdom from a 5 year old (that you can actually use now)

You don’t have to wait until you’re old to get it. You can have it right now. It’s something that will make all the difference in the world. It’s your own wisdom. And it comes from seeing yourself as you are from an accepting place. Not as you would like to be, not as you…

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January 8, 2014 tagged as:

getting in the mood … for career bliss

“Working on your career” isn’t the most inspiring thought to hold in your mind. In fact, it usually conjures up the feeling of rolling a rather large boulder up a big hill without really understanding the purpose of the task. So, my advice is: Don’t bother working on your career. Focus more on getting in…

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what is bliss? defined as poetry.

Bliss is you. Inspired. Creating the life of your dreams. On purpose. The recipe? Clearly set intention. Brutal kindness. Mad, mad, mad … LOVE. … and truth. Being genuine. This is “the” magic. Connected. Deeply. To what truly matters. You matter to you. Sharing generously with the world. Distractions are filtered out. Out, out, I…

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November 28, 2013 tagged as:

what’s after your ‘happily ever after’ (exactly)?

Fairy tales end with the flourish: ‘happily ever after.’ And while that sounds like a nice way to live, most people I know are actually afraid of living ‘happily ever after.’ Here’s why: ‘Happily ever after’ sounds like a boring existence because in the fairy tale, that’s where the story ends. It’s everything before those…

clues in quotes for career bliss

I know and you know that not everyone thinks that career bliss is real nor possible. And in your own pursuits, you’ll feel knocked by the expectations and limitations that others place on themselves. The deal in this dynamic is this: If I can’t do it/see it/have it [it = career bliss] – then really,…

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September 2, 2013 tagged as:

create job bliss by asking the right questions

Questions are powerful things when asked in the genuine spirit of curiosity. And curiosity is what will lead you straight to job bliss. Especially in an interview situation (and dating too … because really they’re not so different when you think about it). It’s because you get to see things for what they are, as…

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August 20, 2013 tagged as:

how to ask for someone’s time … in an interesting way

It takes courage to ask someone for their time. Setting up that phone call, lunch or coffee date with someone that you may or may not know, to talk about something important to you in a productive and focused way, is no small thing. (Especially when it comes to your dream job.) And in case…

why a personality assessment can’t create self-awareness

You are oriented to life differently than some and the same as others. No, it’s not an overly insightful statement, but in moments you do forget. You need to make yourself right so that someone else can be wrong (or vice versa … yes, that happens). You can’t figure someone out that you want to…

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