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  • why a personality assessment can’t create self-awareness

    You are oriented to life differently than some and the same as others. No, it’s not an overly insightful statement, but in moments you do forget. You need to make yourself right so that someone else can be wrong (or vice versa … yes, that happens). You can’t figure someone out that you want to […]

  • 3 steps for reigning in that inner critic

    It lives with you and it won’t move out. No matter how many times you send it packing. Ignore it. Avoid it. Want it to just go away. Sometimes (if you are very, very lucky) it goes on vacation (for some unknown reason), but you’re never sure when it’s going to return. But return it […]

  • credentials for career bliss come from real life (an untold story)

    It feels like a lifetime ago now, but once upon a time I was once in a relationship with someone that I was terrified of. Career bliss was a dream, a fantasy, a fairy tale. An unrealistic concept. This is because I had accepted ‘stupid’, ‘loser’, and ‘slut’ as alternatives to my name and the […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with alex baisley

    “I think I know what everyone’s biggest dream is underneath all of the dreams. I think that it’s a great daily life … [therefore] our only real work that’s actually going to feel on track all the time is anything to do with designing, building and improving our daily life.” – Alex Baisley, Head Lad […]

  • your personality test can’t get you career bliss (here’s why not)

    Have you got career bliss yet from your personality test (or as I like to call it, your ego test) result? Likely not. The thing is that personality tests aren’t really useful career decision-making tools. So don’t use or rely on them for that. How come? (So glad you asked …) From what I’ve seen, […]

  • claim your career bliss: inteview with alyson mead

    “It’s not like everyone is ‘yeah!’ when they [the people close to you] find out that you’re a psychic … It scares people … [the profession doesn’t have a good reputation] … I helped someone escape from an abusive husband [I tell the story in the book] … To not claim my [psychic] ability was […]

  • do you have a ‘poo poo’ person in your life?

    You know what you want to create in your life. You know that if you headed in a particular direction that you’d be happy. You even have supporters, encouragers and people imagining your success. Wanting it for you. Career bliss is possible. But you’re stalling. You’re not growing emotionally towards taking the steps in creating […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with adam king

    “If [overcoming my limitations or myself] were achieved through a pill or some magic ‘big break’ … I would have been piling on another layer of false identity and false pursuits … we must revel in the process [of life]… because if you’re not, [you] miss getting rid of everything that is burdening you as […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with the purpose fairy

    “[If you] peel off the layers that other people put on you…you shine. You go back to your origins … [To live this way] imagine yourself on your deathbed now – I certainly did. Now ask yourself this: ‘Is this how you want to live your life [until then]?’” – The Purpose Fairy, Writer and […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with alex franzen

    “A great sense of bliss, and certainty and serenity comes from knowing who you are … and not just knowing, but having the words to convey it … If you can’t answer the question: ‘So, what do you do?’ Then [knowing who you are] is not really worth much … It’s the ownership of the […]