Category: burning question

  • burning question: what’s your superhero name?

    If you’re following me on twitter, you already know. I wasn’t hiding it from you. The name when I’m undercover is none other than The Witch of Bliss (@thewitchofbliss). As a sorceress of sorts, I use my prophetic and portal creating abilities in everything I do wherever I go and help others to do the […]

  • burning question: what would you like to stop doing?

    From the past: Stop blaming myself first; Pretending that I didn’t have any needs; Treating what I wanted as unnecessary; Putting myself last on my list; Staying in relationships – with friends, family, colleagues, ex-boyfriends because I thought that my life would be lonely otherwise; Planning every inch of my life; Wishing for something different […]

  • burning question: what boat do you need to burn?

    Imagine a people that encounter new lands, unpack and then burn their boats. Only onward, forward motion in their hearts and minds. To burn a boat and move forward is a sign of inner peace with what is. My boat to burn is relationships – to past well-meaning colleagues, friends and family. Once in bonds […]

  • burning question: what’s my purpose for money?

    Want lots of money? What for? There is a freedom in money that I once projected. I used to think that money would give me the freedom to be who I wanted, to do what I really wanted, to express who I really am. I wanted money to tell me that it was all going […]