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  • This isn’t about nudity – it’s “on-the-job” exposure

    It’s (like seriously long over-due) time to re-imagine our concept of work. Work is not just a means to an end. Real work is about creating a life that integrates all parts of you. Meaning: The simplest thing that you do is your gift to the world. It’s simply how you are. You need no […]

  • The girl effect is real

    **** If you’re watching this via email, click the link above to view the video — can’t be embedded in email. **** Haven’t heard about the girl effect yet? That’s cool. Watch this first then: … I feel immense gratitude for my life.   I live in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. I chose the […]

  • The rhetorical rhetoric of critical thinking (and how Sweden showed me love)

    I have a problem with critical thinking. It’s me. I’m emotional. And critical thinking either ignored me or flicked sand into my eyes when we tried to play together. It didn’t feel safe to play in this sandbox, yet I persisted. I honestly tried to make it work for a very long time. In fact […]

  • How diva-vorcing a friend set me free

    Some friendships fade into memory. You both just grow your separate ways. It’s an organic occurrence. And then there are those that require more formal proceedings. Linda* was in my life for 13 years. We met during our first year at university. I was totally friendless and she was “friendly” (maybe desperate and needy is […]

  • It’s just not nice … to be nice

    “I was trying to be nice. ” How often have you found saying or thinking those words? As far as I’m concerned, it’s an epidemic that keeps us from really living our lives. I remember that I used to believe that I was actually doing a good in the world by trying to be nice. […]

  • I’m work? wtf?

    I’ve never heard of anyone looking into the eyes of a relatively new life murmuring: “What a work in progress you are! What a little ‘not good enough’ you are!” I’m talking about a baby. A puppy or a kitten will do too. Maybe you’ve watched the little one sleep feeling yourself too lulled into […]

  • My 1st favourite things list

    Why a favourite things list? … because I value good recommendations and want to spread the word when I know of something good. … because while I don’t want everything that I lay eyes on, there are certain things that offer a sweetness to life that I really appreciate. … because when you can’t find […]