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  • why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 1)

    Human beings are not commodities. And yet, the way that you’ve learned to think, write, and treat yourself and others professionally is in the terms of commoditization. And what is a commodity exactly? (Just so we’re on the same page) A commodity is something that exists to satisfy needs. The problem with this perspective is […]

  • the real reason you can’t be yourself on your resume

    When I talk about being more authentic or more real on your resume the response I receive is often “stink eye.” I’ve been told that things “should” be the way I propose (that you can be more authentic and that employers actually want you to be so on your resume), but that I live in […]

  • why does it hurt to write your resume? (i know it does)

    You have a resume. Chances are that you have a lot of feelings about your resume too. And most of those feelings probably aren’t good ones. I nod in understanding because I used to feel that way myself. So what happened to me that changed how I felt about my resume? Let me let you […]

  • introducing the resume project

    As a Career Counselor and human being, I want to live in a world where people feel free to be themselves – right from their resumes on through to each day of their life. This is because I grew up in a home that didn’t have time for who I really was. A home that […]

  • how to be mr. or ms. right (for the job)

    “The employer just doesn’t care.” This sentiment comes up often in resume books and online job (re)sources. Oh. How helpful. Right? Is that supposed to make you feel better or worse? To me (and really who am I?) it lacks some real insight that would inspire anything other than despair if I went around really, […]

  • Beauty secrets for writing your resume

    Beauty is a state of being. It radiates. Practically. Irresistible. Your heart might even literally feel as though it’s softened in the middle in the presence of beauty – the laughter of loved ones, puppies playing, flames dancing, a warm breeze on your skin, witnessing a sunset, or a spectacular moon rise. Most people I […]

  • When there’s no love left … check your resume

    No love left for your job that is. Time to move on. That much is clear to you, but to what? Before moving on just yet,  even a quick reflection and moment of insight can impact how you go on from here. No matter whether by chance or by design, you had a role to […]