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  • What the dog taught #3: Playing is good, playing small is not

    When Sonnet and I first started living together, I dreaded going for walks because we ran a high risk of meeting another dog. My docile, curious, calm three month old puppy would suddenly transform. Lunging. Barking. She wanted to play. Dominating over other dogs. And she certainly wasn’t asking. She was in full demand mode. […]

  • What the dog taught #2: We create our own delays

    Anyone committed to dog training success with the fastest, most loving results will tell you: The best way to get a dog to buy into your methods is to make the outcome worth their while.   So here’s the scenario: Sonnet follows me around while I get her food ready. I pick up her bowl, […]

  • What the dog taught #1: Be abundant

    I often observe my dog and her ability to be so purely present in the moment. She is able to demonstrate in very simple and clear ways things that are very challenging for a human being to master. I’ve decided to write the lessons down and share them as they come to me. Here’s the […]

  • I’m naked … and it’s all for you

    Every time I post a piece, I get naked. I’d heard before that revealing your creativity in some form for all to see was like getting naked. Now I know it’s true. A direct expression from within my being … and it’s all for you! The ta-ta’s that for years I tried to minimize or […]

  • Daydreaming is magic

    This dog was my inspiration on a day like any other. Long before we actually ever found Sonnet, I researched dog breeds by reading about them online, talking to everyone that I knew that had a dog about their dog and struck up conversation with strangers about theirs. I wanted to share my life with […]