claim your career bliss: interview with tad hargrave

“One of my mentors … his money vanished … like 2 million dollars of his life savings gone … In an interview he said: ‘I spent 40 years doing what I wanted to do. I still have those 40 years. I just lost the money. [Others] lost the money and the 40 years.’ … One of my friends has this motto: ‘When faced with a choice, do the one that makes the best memories.’

– Tad Hargrave, Marketer for Hippies at Marketing For Hippies

By the way, if you happen to be (or know someone who) would benefit from a free webinar on niching hosted by Tad, the last event is happening July 5th, 2012. I’ll be there! Sign-up here.

And, here are a couple of my favourite blog posts by Tad. Enjoy!

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