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I wanted to personally welcome you to my virtual home. Please stay awhile, look around and make yourself at home.

The Compass brand was born out of Mary Oliver’s burning question:

“Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

If this question makes you wistful for your own answer then you’re in the right place.

I am a former Facilitator and Career Coach from the North Shore Compass Centre where I delivered the Hero’s Journey model of career development workshops. These workshops were both influential and successful because they offered tools and exercises that helped participants create a new approach to work. The Compass Program excelled at re-defining the notion of “work” as something worthwhile and meaningful.

Instead of being an act of suffering without a purpose, work is your contribution that both makes your life happy and the world a better place. Ironically you’re still willing to suffer, but it’s for your bliss and nothing else.

Compass’ workshops were perfected over 13 years of the centre’s operation.

In response to the demand for career evolution materials like Compass’ outside of the confines of a classroom and government programs, I authored the Bliss Kit. It’s a digital guide to authentic career creation that has all the best stuff from the Compass Program (+ some other goodies). For less than the cost of one session with a private career practitioner, you can have all the information to review and use for the rest of your life. Find out more right here.

You can work through the Bliss Kit on your own, with a group that you gather, or use it to compliment your work with publicly available career resources (because the public system generally treats the symptoms of job dissatisfaction, but not necessarily the underlying cause). You can also use it to help accelerate your process with a private career coach or counsellor. You decide what’s right for you. I have two signature offerings that are portals to working me me. Check them out if you’d like.

The Bliss Kit is for people who want work to not feel like work.

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Thank you for visiting. Feel free to drop me a note to say hello.

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