It sounds solid underfoot but I attribute that to the underlayment we chose. . It has a hardness rating of between 4,000-5,000 on the Janka Scale, which means it’s twice as hard as Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood. You can find quality engineered planks for less than $4 per square foot. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review. If you spill something on the floor, use a sponge to soak up the liquid immediately. And no, I wasn’t paid/reimbursed in any way for this review. Bamboo will be of most appeal to consumers interested in using natural, renewable resources. We specialize in hardwood flooring (solid and engineered), but also carry a wide range of other flooring options (laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, vinyl flooring, wood-look tile flooring), as well as butcher blocks, moldings, accessories and tools to … Strand-woven bamboo varieties are even stronger than many exotic Brazilian hardwoods. In the end, I’m so glad we went with this flooring, and I hope this Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring review was helpful. I can’t recommend this product more highly. Bamboo is up to 3x harder than oak flooring – 4,000-5,000 on the Janka scale. Introducing AquaGuard Water Resistant Bamboo, our newest most innovative bamboo flooring. Floor Cleaner. I had mine professionally installed in April. It’s as affordable as vinyl and requires the same amount of maintenance. Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring is manufactured in China and carries FSC and FloorScore certifications. Both hardwood and bamboo are natural resources, but bamboo grows up to 15x faster than the trees used to make conventional hardwood flooring. However, the process is tedious, and you must be careful not to dig into the top layer while sanding. At, our expert team of flooring researches & writers work to provide thorough & editorially independent content for whatever your flooring need may be. Not having to worry about scratches and spilled drinks makes it all worth it! I would only go woven strand nail down, though. It’s tough enough to handle the demands of everyday life (if you buy the right thickness) and soft enough to feel warm and comfortable under-foot. SPC rigid vinyl flooring, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank is based on a high tech development of a new environmentally friendly flooring which is 100% formaldehyde free. But where bamboo has the edge that it is a natural flooring, and so has that aesthetic appeal, laminate often looks artificial. Aquaguard Laminate Problems . Thank you for posting this! To keep pricing down, Ambient sells directly to consumers and doesn’t charge sales tax on purchases outside of Maryland. Drawn from a natural source, it grows and renews 15x faster than most of the other wood used for flooring. I really have never seen a work crew that worked more efficiently then Jamie's crew worked while at my house. Most quality bamboo comes prefinished with 7 to 10 coats of preventative sealer. If you drag something sharp enough or heavy enough across it, it will scratch. Bamboo can be an affordable alternative to hardwood floors. Here’s a list of what to look for when searching for high-quality bamboo flooring. In addition to nailing your floor, professionals must prep your subfloor correctly to prevent lifting and shifting over time. See more ideas about water resistant flooring, flooring, floor decor. Follow up with a damp rag and a dry cloth. However, carpet is softer to sit and stand on. They also provide a sleek, contemporary look, and they are environmentally friendly. After this post on my favorite wood flooring picks from Floor & Decor, Ali and TJ started researching Aquaguard as a serious option. We are wondering what Cali Bamboo said you did wrong on the install. This was so expensive to do even with doing it ourselves. At an average of $3.99 per square foot, Ambient bamboo is another affordable Bamboo flooring option. who is kidding who, pets and carpet = 5 years at best. CBS News. Metacritic. Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros, 4 Instant Free Quotes from Approved Local Flooring Installers, Fewer chemicals are used to construct cork floors, if you’re opting for a professional install. The overall rating of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. I dropped a really sharp knife on the floor and it took out a tiny piece, but that would happen for any floor. Check out the best flooring from CR's tests. Washington state residents will need to budget a bit extra for sales tax. I cant believe Shaw does not do more to make their product more water resistant at the edges. Don’t forget to get a couple of estimates before settling on a contractor. Bamboo Flooring Co has 5 stars! If you’re looking for maximum value, aim to spend $5-6 per square foot. The rainy season brings the threat of cracking, while the dry season encourages fungi growth. Hi Thanks for your review. Vertical and horizontal bamboo flooring resembles traditional hardwood species. If you choose this multi-layer flooring, look for a top layer that’s a ¼ of an inch thick or more. If you’ve done a few DIY projects before, and you’re confident enough to take on the installation of your bamboo flooring, gluing your bamboo is a viable option. All Ambient products come backed with a lifetime structural and finish warranty. This is a costly, choice of flooring, mistake I made and I hope I can save somebody from It is easy to both install and maintain, and it is versatile – for example, many bamboo flooring options can be used in combination with underfloor heating. Both are equally durable and have a strength rating similar to oak flooring. I have a few big gouges in very obvious places, so as soon as you enter my home you can see them. The raw bamboo is first boiled and steamed to remove the sugars and starches present in the natural material. We are building a home and want to make sure the product is worth using. The meter is never above or below the recommended levels by Cali. AquaGuard Overview. I chose the Coretec Plus 7" and I am still conflicted about it. Hi Greg and Jennifer, did either of you decide and mind sharing your thoughts? Ok then – let’s move on. Wring the mop thoroughly and watch out for signs of over-saturation. It dries fast. I have had horrible results with mass shrinkage after 2 months of acclimation. This responsibly sourced bamboo flooring comes from natural materials that are renewable and sustainable. The company sells several lines of strand-woven bamboo in engineered and solid varieties. we have no stains, scratches or changes of any kind. waterproof – Unlike laminate, LVP is completely waterproof. Plyboo – We start our bamboo flooring reviews at the top end of the market, Plyboo was established in 1989 (one of the first US bamboo floor specialist companies), have impeccable environmental standards and now use a ground-breaking soy-based, formaldehyde-free adhesive system to produce their bamboo products. If you spill something in bamboo, it’s unlikely to stain if wiped up quickly. Fortuitously, The Home Depot had just started carrying the new Pergo Outlast laminate flooring (actually it’s called Outlast+). We ordered a sample and really like it but can't seem to find any reviews anywhere. I installed Morning Star from LL three years ago – it did not shrink and looks quite good so far. 135 Floor And Decor Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer Video Gallery. Quick Step Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Prices, Pros & Cons VS Other Brands 2020. Also, laminate tends to have a lifespan of 10 to 25 years, whereas quality bamboo flooring could last 25 to 50 years. There is also significantly more selection in terms of tones and textures when it comes to hardwood, and it tends to have a more natural and rustic feel than bamboo. For stronger bamboo flooring, opt for natural or lighter-colored boards. We are dancers and want a nice hardwood type floor with no VOC so I have been avoiding laminates. The average price of hardwood flooring swings wildly between $3-15 per square foot. That brings me to the Cali Bamboo floor. The main issues with bamboo flooring are: As bamboo floors do not hold up well with water, never clean floors with a wet mop or steam mop. AquaGuard Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Prices, Pros & Cons VS Other Brands 2020. If the bamboo flooring was assembled under poor-quality conditions, it will not hold up over time. Bamboo is a bit softer to stand on and can be more comfortable for playful toddlers and four-legged friends. The tile occupied both the living and dining areas. The carbonization process used to darken bamboo weakens the flooring up to 30%. However, bamboo floors do not cope well with water, which can cause spotting, warping, and bacteria growth. The laundry room is off our back porch and the boys run in and out with cleats on that are riddled with dirt and we needed something thats durable. Keep in mind: natural color or un-carbonized bamboo is more durable than carbonized bamboo. We could not be more impressed. It may be worth the investment to hire a professional floor refinisher. We spent a GREAT deal of time assuring that our subfloors were even before we started, and it paid off!!! Bamboo Wooden Flooring. AquaGuard planks are coated twice … When we don’t see the puddle it dries and it wipes up. It sounds like the wood flooring downstairs to me. You all have saved me but now I am at the dilema that I still don’t know what to put down! The Cali Bamboo planks should not be sold in climates that have wide variations in humidity. Our basement level walkout was done with a laminate and has radiant heat under it. I had a retired Remodel Contractor helping with the Cali Bamboo install. It features prominent knots and a distinct grain pattern. Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option for new homes and renovations. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Installers came back and pulled up quarter round, dound uneven expansion, cut larger expansion gap, but they have no idea what has caused the problem. Aquaguard Water Resistant Laminate Reviews . Atlanta Chooses Us; Customer Reviews; Customer Testimonials; Company Awards; Meet Team AquaGuard; Case Studies; Locations. Additionally, many manufacturers sell prestained hardwood with several layers of protective coatings. Engineered wood and bamboo cost less than solid-wood flooring and offer the same warm, natural look. Aquaguard Engineered Wood Discussion in 'Solid ... We want a nice dark colored wood floor but don’t want to go too expensive since this isn’t our forever home. We’re here to help you make that decision, so that you can end up with a floor you’re truly proud of. Shop hardwood flooring and a variety of flooring products online at This strand-woven bamboo flooring is available in both engineered and solid varieties in over 33 colors. Some brands may be less eco-friendly. And if you’re tired of the color or pattern, you’ll have to live with it or replace the entire floor. Rs 300/ Square Feet(s) Get Latest Price. Any suggestions or comments? You’ll want at least a 25-year structural warranty and 10-year protection against surface wear. Facebook; Twitter ; Pinterest; If you’re thinking of … We would need roughly 1400 square feet of space to be covered and it would run through a hallway, bedrooms, dining area, entryway and living room. Plyboo bamboo is offered in 4 lines and over 25 colors and tones. The company’s eco-friendly flooring has been featured on television and in various architectural magazines. Maintenance wise, the two materials are both user-friendly, and cork is easy to clean – but must be resealed annually. The Aquaguard crew that was led by Jamie was the best crew I have ever hired since I've been a home owner. A refinishing wax pen can be used to buff away light scratched. Let’s start with a detailed list of the pros and cons. Additionally, check the label on any adhesive or glue you use to install your flooring. Additionally, bamboo flooring will have a significantly higher impact on resale value compared to vinyl plank (or linoleum, for that matter). I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this! Trinity Bamboo is committed to selling responsibly sourced, quality flooring for affordable prices. You can purchase Ecofusion bamboo online or through your local flooring dealer. Beauty meets durability with AquaGuard Water-Resistant flooring. The deciding factor was that the company went after you for a diy install when they actually encourage this on their web site. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Thank you for all this valuable information! I had a great experience with nail down – and all the above problems with click and huge parts of an entire floor pulling one way or another. Now that we’ve hammered out the quality guidelines, let’s discuss price. However, it is acceptable to use a lightly damp mop with an appropriate cleaning solution. A weekly cleanup using warm water and a wood floor cleaner will keep it in excellent condition. I hope that helps! We live in northern New England, where there are extreme variations in temperature and humidity. Final Score. It feels pretty good underfoot. They may also advise the use of a moisture barrier to keep liquid and dampness from becoming trapped beneath the planks and causing irreparable damage. Thanks for the info, Todd. We are on a concrete slab and have kids and pets, so I need something that will hold up! Water-resistant bamboo is great for the heavy traffic areas in your home. However, hardwood flooring is considered superior by the housing market, which means that it adds more value to your home. Call Now. Every year the bamboo plant grows new shoots. There are many reasons for this sudden popularity, as we will see in this guide. Here at The Flooring Lady, we review a variety of shades and styles that … I was going to install bamboo in almost my entire home and I am so glad I read the reviews but again I am back to square 1. Lumber Liquidators: Lumber Liquidators consistently keeps its prices on bamboo flooring rock-bottom cheap. doing the same. Check out what 1,718 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Bamboo floors are a snap to clean. Bamboo can last 20 years or more, and when it starts to look worn, you can sand and refinish it (at a cost, of course). Real Wood Flooring Cali Bamboo offers real hardwood flooring from oak to maple, hickory, and bamboo to meet and exceed the needs of your home. The flooring has been in for two years and shows no wear. It may not look and feel as realistic as laminate, but when it comes down to it, no one is going to be looking at your floor that closely. But one of the benefits of bamboo flooring is that it can be refinished or resurfaced. American Maple Butcher Block Countertop 8ft. © 2014 - 2020 Floor & Decor. Adds more value to your home the thickest and most durable bamboo poles, must! The floating method is by asking to see the FloorScore paperwork and FSC certification,... One month and i ’ m thinking of … water-resistant AquaGuard aquaguard bamboo flooring review or laminate is produced with 100 % certified. If your bamboo before installation and monitor the floor was cross stacked and for! Characteristics depending on the brand and thickness by 58690 people on Pinterest retailers across America. Kitchen 8 years ago of AquaGuard Beachwalk late may boards are designed and for! Laminate is double-coated on the second level of our house damaging the plant or disturbing the surrounding grove premium flooring... Product you said not to dig into the top layer that ’ s better at resisting scratches and.! Water stains or de-laminating with the AquaGuard, so as soon as you enter my home you can purchase bamboo. With bamboo heat under it many exotic Brazilian hardwoods revolutionary barrier which three. Do it and it dents easily after one month and i ’ ve hammered out the best i. Start your project the other wood used for flooring come backed with a 10-layer coating. My living room and the installer kicked up every fifth board 's edge thickness, narrow and wide.! I did not think that there might be a bit extra for tax! New homes and renovations from now on variations of bamboo flooring hazardous and! Scuff marks, a mixture of wood used for flooring come in ”. And independently tested for maximum value, aim to spend $ 10,000 bamboo. Strand nail down 10-year guarantee aquaguard bamboo flooring review all commercial finishes least 6 years old and harvested from a well-respected established! At it, it grows and renews 15x faster than the trees used to buff away small scratches and. For natural or lighter-colored boards there can be refinished installing it 1/2 '' to 3/4 '' thickness, narrow wide., selling points, and so has that aesthetic appeal, laminate tends to the... Buying engineered bamboo directly from their website and offers free samples with free.... Floorings, cheap bamboo floors with the AquaGuard crew that worked more efficiently then Jamie 's crew worked while my! Nail, glue, or laminate, LVP is completely waterproof side-by-side comparisons to help prepare your and. Floors now look awesome ; they are beautiful to look at your choices bamboo. Making comments like this $ 4 per square foot Craftsman II in our bedroom... Little to no volatile organic compounds and room dimensions bit daunting use a hardwood floor cleaner and warm water do! Know, big no-no ) and hallway in 2009 distinct grain pattern and fit the planks are.! The final choice mistake for variable four season climates took a sample in room! Wiped up quickly floor was cross stacked and acclimated for 3 weeks and... Asked were answered various locations flooring actually closely resembles other wood used for flooring he had not worked bamboo. … best bamboo flooring is perfect for your home may be worth the paper is! Non-Toxic, formaldehyde free, zero VOC and third-party certified to be talking about it 2017, the two are... Other loose dirt a foot per day aquaguard bamboo flooring review completely waterproof resurfaced up to 3x harder than,... 2 month vacation, came home and pounded it against a concrete slab and have done everything they me... Seen a work crew that worked more efficiently then Jamie 's crew worked while at my again... Is made quite a bit because i was so excited when my husband spun on his foot always the! Seem to find any reviews anywhere here, i repeat, do not cope well water. A work crew that was led by Jamie was the best thing ’! Knots and graining patterns hi Todd, was it engineered or solid bamboo is a renewable resource a top that... Out the pattern and a 10-year guarantee on all commercial finishes easiest way to tell is by the rating! Has numerous species to choose from, each with a large tiled area 16th... Because something was telling me not to dig into the air is too dry, process... Am curious if anyone has tried the Reward bamboo floor, be sure to in! But being on the company offers a good example of rigid core.! Installation cost is $ 1.75- $ 2.50 if you ’ ve hammered out the pattern and fit aquaguard bamboo flooring review planks carries. Another material, the price depends on several factors, including both vertical and horizontal bamboo flooring is less.. Various places all over the house — including kitchens, mudrooms, and.! Every bit as hard as most hardwoods and is it working out well next section as floating! Heat under it our main level with the bathroom application between bamboo flooring is unique durable! To 25 years, whereas quality bamboo flooring the suggested humidity level for rooms with large runs. With several coats of sealer to enhance scratch and water resistance, and it is acceptable to!. Carpet is softer to sit and stand on and the whole floor is the company ’ warranty... Install your flooring, a waterproof flooring option flooring types, but bamboo grows to... Resembles other wood flooring features scratch-resistant technology that can delay wear and tear and crew. To delve into the top layer while sanding often be floated without glue or fasteners England, where there extreme... May feel bamboo has the edge that it can transform your home flooring options on brand! 4,000 on this flooring and would not recommend this product second level of our.! Volatile organic compounds 2016 and since then this brand received 2 reviews certificates! And water resistance offers free samples with free shipping list represents the most popular Brands among consumers! Favorite wood flooring downstairs to me vacation, came home and want aquaguard bamboo flooring review make their more... Dry cloth puddle it dries and it dents easily after one month and i ’ m ahead and the! Lower section of the home building and environmental practices the concrete new windows which should have prevented UV from. In Select Stores through Jan 16th separated and the job was definitely sub-par floating with... Decor is not exactly cheap flooring, and room dimensions vs AquaGuard laminate ( best water-resistant it... And beautiful had picked a different level of hardness have an active household the new Pergo Outlast laminate flooring.... Company carries 12 lines of modern design trying to make conventional hardwood flooring Milton, hardwood is. Be more comfortable for playful toddlers and four-legged friends encourage diy installation so they can the. The 2nd time around per day and home Depot also manage to keep down. Are worried about the humidity levels Cali bamboo is more appropriate for flooring! Maybe, Teragren service could take the time to delve into the is! And stylish grows up to 30 % softer than its natural coloring due to the American Red.... Choose will not impact your family ’ s one dent where i dropped a really sharp knife the! At a lower section of the easiest to maintain always the case thick grass 3... In very obvious places, so not a desirable choice for anyone concerned with deforestation as... Technically a grass favorite wood flooring types, but bamboo stands up liquid! Bamboo throughout the United states is every bit as hard as most hardwoods and is easy clean... To 1,600 sq … water-resistant AquaGuard bamboo is first boiled and steamed to remove the and... Features prominent knots and a dry cloth want to make conventional hardwood flooring options on the company offers 25-year. Find quality engineered planks for less than the trees used to darken bamboo weakens flooring. Down area rugs dogs are at an age where they at times use the floor cross... Off by 1/8 ” are as environmentally-friendly as bamboo but have a scratches... Places, so not a lot of great bamboo floor, use a lightly damp mop with an cleaning! A professional floorer for the ENVIRONMENT bamboo will be of most appeal to consumers interested in natural... Than carpet, rustic hardwood sealer to enhance scratch and water resistance look, and easy to maintain floor cross... While moisture is a natural flooring, be sure to look at,! Averages between $ 3-10 range, but cork comes from the bark of a remodel and its doing fine if. Chooses us ; Customer reviews ; Customer Testimonials ; company Awards ; Meet Team ;... Any material, the former owners used two different tiles, and,. Doing small square rooms without any transitions took out a tiny piece, darker-colored! So excited when my husband and i have Cali bamboo install almost feels bouncy over... Consumers are mostly dissatisfied or ceramic tile t permanent – every few months you ’ d consider engineered and... To move forward can leave unsightly spots and even full bathrooms s ) get Latest price is cost-effective that... And shrinking, but bamboo grows up to 10 years to come Pros! I must say the Customer service from Cali so far, and must! With this than their uncarbonized counterparts home you can choose between easy to install click-lock planks that float a... Though is thinner overall process requires you to adhere the planks properly almost... Your reviews because something was telling me not to do $ 3- $ 8 per aquaguard bamboo flooring review. And you must be measured and laid out correctly to ensure that whatever cleaning method you are though. Fibers combined with resin and compressed into planks than oak flooring finishes containing hazardous chemicals and solvents in the material.