my ingredients for bliss – a manifesto

Everyone is always teaching you how to love yourself (you just may not agree with their methods).

Eat well. Sleep well. Laugh well. Live well.

You are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

You are brilliant. Your job is to honour and channel that brilliance.

You don’t control who loves you. You don’t control who hates you.

Create with your imagination and the steps will appear. Take them. Every single one of them as they are offered to you.

Success is a feeling. Mine feels free, abundant, adventuresome and juicy.

Love is what you say it is; everyone has their own definition. Find someone that shares yours.

Trust that the Universe has always and is always conspiring in your favour.

Faith is bold – not blind.

You truly give only when you give freely.
Accept payment for impact, not time.
You do not know what is right for someone else.

The truth speeds up what is meant to be.

You are not as significant nor as insignificant as you believe yourself to be.

Letting go is active.

You can only know what is right for you.

You are whole. You are enough.

Give yourself permission to ask for what you want.

Always ask for what you want, and you’ll be fine if the answer is ever “no.”

Begin. Now.

Quit quickly. Give up what’s not working.

Be fearless when moving towards the thing your heart desires.

Fear is your friend when it actually saves your life.

Always listen to your intuition. It’s for this journey.

Bliss is your freedom.

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