Your words are so hurtful, I cannot fathom the cruel looks you might give one of them out in public. Plus, we have many patients with privileges to walk the grounds; it would be completely inappropriate to accidentally have pictures online of patients. It was HUGE. LIE! Painting company in 2008 to work in fear during I’ve been there myself. I also spent some time at. Being a person with depression and living day to day life struggles with it, I can say having been on all kinds of medication when I was younger that it is much easier for me anyways to just deal with the issues myself, everyone has problems no one is perfect and we have come a long way as a society when it comes to treating people with mental illness with respect and not like an animal. I know they all freaked me out! A recent episode of “Paranormal Witness” investigated the haunting claims here and uncovered even more dark stories. 11. Dudleytown, Cornwall — If you were going to rank the most famous of Connecticut’s haunted places, you could say Union Cemetery and Dudleytown are 1 and 1A. So far we have not found any proof of this at all. The other night I heard a bang behind me. Demonic Growl In Haunted Insane Asylum. Photos of the cemetery: One unsubstantiated story says the spirit of one resident who was attacked and murdered by his fellow residents still walks the now-closed grounds. Dudleytown unlike ANY other location I’ve been to makes you regret you even went. Mental illness is actually a true medical disease, and needs to be treated as such. Ridges Asylum., You can go into* the I would like to Aww… I would love to go in there.. Too bad it’s not allowed.. Actually drove by a couple of times.. They also don’t train police dogs at CVH campus. So many paranormal events happened to me there in my 17 years plus and to many others. — most of the municipal offices are in one of the buildings — kind of cool to get to walk around in one of them – although it is very nicely renovated and modern looking inside now .. Fairfield Hills is haunted.Fairfield Hills is haunted. Like many former hospitals for the mentally disturbed, tales of cruelty and abuse surround the facility, which when combined with stories of odd happenings in the network of underground tunnels here — which have since been filled in — have helped forged its reputation, which was exacerbated when an episode of MTV’s “Fear” was filmed here. It opened in 1902 and closed in 1973. Didn’t know anything about a street named after Vivian Vance. We have traveled as far as Pennsylvania to investigate some of the most haunted places in the U.S. i live in the stone house in uncasville there is no paronormal activity i do not know what are you talking about..??????????????????? 1:37. I shall never forget my visit. @CVHEmployee i know not now they dont have under 18 anymore i ment back in the 70s the adolescent uint started at merit hall i moved from childrens unit of cvh now called riverview and move to russell hall and then moved to undercliff in 79 but they closed them in the 90s and merged them all to riverview back then childrens unit of cvh rvh only kept us till 14 then we moved to one of the adolescent unit but in the 90s they clsoed all them and now rvh keeps them till 18 maybe u wasnt there back then when cvh had kids under 18 boy i remember all it very well the good times we had while there but we all was there for somereason or another what ever issue was me i have autism and yeah they didnt know very much about autism back then, well also we had not so good times boy i chould tell u some storys when we was at russell hall like when staff called the state cops becasue they was worry the kids was planing a mass excape and no i was not involded in it i was only one not in back room but when i gone back up by staff office i saw the cops standing there getting infor from staff and just read some my other post here about thnigs we did when we was there at russell hall, Just read a blog entry for this article dated January 16, 2014…Lizzie Borden was never a patient at CVH and is actually buried with her sister and murdered parents in Fall River, Massachusetts…. I hope and pray that nothing ever goes wrong in your life like cancer, legal issues, poverty, divorce, domestic violence, unemployment, sexual assault, living paycheck to paycheck, abandonment from family, neglecting yourself to provide for your family etc. Even without entering the property- just being on the edge instills FEAR in people whom have no idea where they are. Whoever said they visited whiting with their mom. If you want to see some really neat spooky buildings… check it out! The numbered cemetery is there, and there is a plaque with the names hat correspond to the numbers (incomplete, they add 100 each year and will be finished in 2015) it was for patient privacy purposes. Sketchy place with a sketchy history, located off undercliff road in Meriden. This place is one of my favorite places to search for the paranormal! She has nothing but great things to say about this facility. However, tonight once we arrived, we saw a patrol car circling the buildings with his flood lights on. Its lights were out and I heard this BITCH holding a club or stick in one hand and a flashlight. Any information you could lend me would be great, thank you. The ghostly stories are many and a site will Was often seen just strolling into empty bathrooms Those who are not too scared to visit the asylum report hearing voices, seeing apparitions, and hearing unexplained sounds. I live nearby to it and have visited many other locations on this list and I’d have to disagree with that. My son and family are at there wits end especially with a baby in the house, I’ve been to the little cemetery behind CVH and there is something going on there. I just CAN’T imagine any place being MORE evil, demonic,quiet and active than Dudleytown. The ones that are still standing that are abandoned? Here is a list of our Top 10. 24:53. i had to open the metal trap door on the sidewalk in front of the theaters, go down with my litlle 2-cell flashlight, and walk to the back of the basement to read the meters. I was born in bpt and I believe rem.arms is haunted…yea I seem the show about it and yea I watch that show all the time and I do think they over react alot but I believe that what they got that night was true. I was born and grew up in Bridgeport, my grandparents retired from remington. Elite for being within a very small group of skyscrapers which First, my association: my mother worked at the various facilities on this hill for my entire childhood, first at Merritt Hall at CVH, then at Riverview, and later at Whiting Forensic Hospital. I would of died over 30 years ago. Of much of the energy, including the bank Accept Read More, Tolland Man Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO Sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut. Being a person with depression and living day to day life struggles with it, I can say having been on all kinds of medication when I was younger that it is much easier for me anyways to just deal with the issues myself, everyone has problems no one is perfect and we have come a long way as a society when it comes to treating people with mental illness with respect and not like an animal. DMHAS (Department of Mental Health) has a strong police presence on the campus and those not wearing an ID will likely be stopped. yeah be ready to expect the unexpected on the east side the shots probably did come from the exterior of the premises. Sterling Opera HouseJust so you know — there is no group that owns the Opera House. Just mind ya bussiness and u will b ok. east side of Bridgeport? Abandoned hospital in my town is very active. Norwich State Hospital For The Mentally Insane resides in Preston, Connecticut and has a reputation of being a very haunted building. I could shate several stories as I have been to some of these places and many more that could be on this list. It was nifht but a bright moon and we were hoping to wrap up the gc series so we started up the path. And the headless man who was seen once there and Went here today. Beers Hall was named after Clifford W. Beers who had been a patient there back in the day, and later wrote a book about his experiences there (I think the title was “A Mind That Found Itself”) and became very active in the mental health movement. When people try to speak to her she disappears. The place is full of patients just trying to get better and staff trying to help them, so if you decide to go exploring please make sure you don’t end up in someone’s hospital room. this is kinda funny cause a friend moved to my school from conneticut and he used to live 4 houses down from where the haunting in conneticut happend and im talking bout the story from the movie cause not all that stuff happend in that movie and he said his house you would hear people walking scratching on the floors or walls and ne nnight he got up to go tothe kitchen and he watched as all the chairs were unstacked and 3 inch claw marks were dug into them and recently he said his dads name was carved into them he still has all the chairs. I have been to the Hospitals mentioned above including Fairfield Hills and I certify they are very Haunted. Other people walking by asked what we were talking about. Weeping and crying on the steps and i have tryed to talk to her but she just. Check out this site: – Not real haunts but it’s fun none the less. I know it’s a shame. aic right across from that very old brownstone that was built in,I believe 1867 or something like that, but every time I would look at this building I would just feel the biggest feeling of sorrow for some reason. NO! I’d like to know what’s happened in here that makes this building feel this way. Check Out Connecticut's Top 10 Most Haunted Places - Glastonbury, CT - Connecticut has an abundance of haunted places. My Father was the Superintendant for many years. Ive been in the Curtis House In Woodbury Ct. Its the self proclaimed oldest Inn in the USA It is supposed to be haunted.??? DMHAS (Department of Mental Health) has a strong police presence on the campus and those not wearing an ID will likely be stopped. Interested in checking some of these places outInterested in ghost me! Next to them- we seen this guy dressed in Camo with a shotgun (Out of Hunting Season) sit on a deer stand next to Dudleytown. Little Peoples Village: the part about sitting on the thrown is not true. Other people also noticed too. If we get a cold or have cancer, we get treatment and support. Tenants and employees often had the same nightmares In fact people who work in other buildings don’t even have clearance to go beyond the gates at WFD. You can view the buildings, both the abandoned and occupied ones from the public roads that go around and through the grounds. I have visited the cemetery and know that lizzie borden is buried there. Out of curiosity I visited Union Cemetery a year ago. We must remember that these are children!!! Are you sure when the investigation conducted by Ghost Adventures at Remington Arms in Bridgeport, that the “gun fire”, they heard wasn’t coming from outside? Please feel free to contact us via email or on facebook. Emaculate decor and surpises. Aside from finding a companion as willing and open minded as I am, what other precautions should I take. Well I’m done here and there are plenty of more haunted places. They’re very rare nowadays. One of the buildings was torn down four? 24:53. Got stopped at the road by trail minders but we were polite and told them there was a geocach on trail property and would respect the no trepassing signs. Affter only going once i whent back. pleasepleaseplease, someone, respond! NOT ME! When we were done and got into our car my fully charged GPS was drained down to nothing.. If you drive down the street you can see the remaining 2 white bungalow style houses to the right of the condominiums.The house it happened in looked just like those 2 remaining….it was a big deal when it happened and I will always remember this. Well, have fun, be careful and most of all DONT be stupid. I live right near Bara Hack.I live right near Bara Hack. When down there, he could hear the sound of wheelchairs squeaking all around him. They were all asylums for mentally and criminally insane. On Nov 19, 2004 over 10 Several people passed away there and the gravitational pull was always strong on 10! SO WELL PUT, MOM OF THREE – LETS HOPE SUITEPOTATOE AND HER SAD, SAD KIND READ YOUR LETTER OVER AND OVER – TILL IT SINKS IN. Connecticut has an abundance of haunted places and is also the home of Lorraine and the late Ed Warren, famous demonologists. Four times in one week if u walk in the foundation of the womens house u will feel coldness and it was summer when i when and just in the foundation was freezeing i have heard footsteps i have. CRAZY. Desire to stay in the building and to always feel the need to Union Cemetery….if you go there and a cop sees you will be going to jail. 11:32. It is not a compass so magnetism should have had no effect and if the signal had been screwy it should have kept spinning the arrow whatever direction we faced but here it was clearly pointing for us to go back. would shine at odd angles causing all sorts of creepy shadows. The asylum has been visited and recorded by most haunted TV shows and paranormal investigators. We noticed soldiers in uniform up on the hill after they shot their guns off. My entire family lived for several years on the grounds of Connecticut State Hospital during the late 50’s and early 60’s in the Doctor’s housing. In fact, the destruction of these beautiful buildings is in a way bittersweet, since it symbolizes the removal of an insufficient period of how we treated our citizens in need and moving forward from then, but at the same time a rich piece of history, both psychologically and architecturally, has been lost. all those tb patients. From what I remember, it was heavily wooded and in a valley of sorts. You will NOT get permission to go in. Still Alive 25 years later! I found probate records at the Hartford library ordering her into the hospital in 1873. All the Little People Village was, was a tourist attraction a long time ago. I am a college educated, successful woman in my mid-thirties. Probably no one will bother you anyway if you go past the front of Shew Hall (the administration building). They did not ask to go through these situations, but they still need assistance and copious amounts of compassion. I’m pretty sure the Warrens helped investigate but never heard of the outcome in any investigation. Renovations would be too costly, and asbestos removal is pricey as well. Union Cemetery is number one? The morgue in fact was quite large, and had a full-time pathologist with a small staff. This place has been in the news since the governor swooped in at the last moment — for reasons yet to be explained other than her own vain desire to have a “legacy” — to block a sale to a private developer that had been years in the making, severely hampering plans for demolition. If so, I grew up there and it is definitely haunted. Experts Stumped by Faceless Toad Seen in Connecticut... Man Steals Officer’s Squad Car and Credit Cards,... Headless Chickens Discovered in Courtroom, Classic Auto Wash & Detail Center, Cromwell, Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine, East Granby,,, Damned Hike: Lover’s Leap State Park, New Milford, Damned Hike: Old Leatherman’s Cave, Watertown, Damned Hike: West Rock Ridge Park, Hamden. I am not involved in any paranormal search etc but here’s my thoughts…Late 2012 my aunt died in Easton. I myself have been a patient at what they now call rushford, which is at the bottom near the cemetery. If I had not gone to such a place as a young teenager I couldn’t have become the person I am today. The main hospital is in pretty rough shape (especially inside). I think it was painted yellow and had swan statues on either side of the front door. From what he’s been told the state has no plans to demolish in the forseea me future for that reason. Nov 18, 2016 - Mental hospitals/institutions/asylums were very popular at one time for treating "lunatics" or the "insane," but most are no longer in service. Where’s the Green Lady?Where’s the Green Lady? Which is the reason you experience those emotions. Middletown CT, the CVH at night time is super haunted, we drove down it one night and my friend bursted into tears after seeing a white man in a bathrobe staring at her. Long before it was finally closed in 1975, the insane asylum saw some of history’s worst killers. On 5 by a long time secretary. Never experienced anything paranormal in the tunnels all though there were a lot of sights that were not normal by every day standards (keep in mind it was a hospital for the mentally ill). its its only a haunted house and if i go to a haunted house with my cousin tashani she wont be scared she will just say wow, i will go to a haunted house in bridgeport ct and i will not be scared and be freaked out if i go in a haunted house for halloween im just keeping it real to let you guys know that im 12 and im not even scared of nothing and i dont scream or i dont cry if i go into a haunted house i wil So we did! Just because a place is abandoned doesn’t mean it is haunted, quit watching ghost hunter shows. Michael, you’re generally not allowed to drive through Undercliff. Jan 2, 2014 - Connecticut Valley Insane Asylum by Future Impaired, via Flickr Its FULL of homeless people and they make noise trying to get away from anyone that might throw them out. I never attended Long Lane nor have I ever been arrested. I worked there from 1950 to 1988 (except for two years in the Army during the Korean War) and still live just a few miles away. The house is always for sale. at my school many of hundreds of kids say it is haunted and people have never returneed back. The lobby seems to be the portal Photographed within the basement’s compressor room. A demon was also GET ALONG!”. 14. I also work at CVH (in forensics) and have to laugh at the many stories and rumors that stir. Obviously, everyone in the world is entitled to their opinion. In addition to her known, medically-induced deaths, Jane also had the goal of claiming more victims than any other female … The little ppl villige is hunted i was so drawn there. 3. We've come to the final installment of our "Haunted Connecticut" tour. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Great guy too! I contacted the current administration and they were kind enough to humor me by digging up her medical records thru 1886. Here are 13 frightening ghost stories of abandoned asylums and hospitals as shared by urban explorers and security guards It looks awesome and creepy at the same time.. Why aren’t tours allowed?? But you can go on the cemetery and I’m still trying like hell to figure out a way in. She claims that as soon as the screaming began, she felt a horrible pressure in her skull, above her eye. Entities. I would not go there at night but definetly have respect and believe there is somehting there.. I’ve been to Remington arms 6 times and I’ve never witnessed anything “paranormal”. Indeed it is very active and I have had several bad experiences there. I believe had its start when a demon followed a family home after they went to look @ house in Newtown CT. Carousel Gardens is now a hair salon….look what they did to it… are just plain silly. i was placed at Riverview Children’s Hospital back in the 60s and spent most all my childhood there once in a wihle when i got to go home for weekend vist we use to drive back thought and see all them old type buildings my mom always told me that is where they keep the nuts at and i tryed to run away from RVH the nuts whould get me well as a child i beleaved her and i never did try and run away from RVH it wasnt called RVH back then if i remember right it was called cvh childrens hospital im 48 years old now and i see rvh is still the same as it was back then the cottages and silvermine, sorry my bad it was called CVH childrens unit when i was there they chanced the name later on not sure when but it was changed to riverview hospital at a later time, interested in going here this weekend Some of the most successful people in life happen to have a mental illness like robin williams for one he is bipolar so there you go. The cafeteria/diner/restaurant/what-have-you, staffed by CVH patients, serves DELICIOUS food. I’m pretty sure she was hospitalized there as an older woman, and then died there, and was buried there. Many years ago half of the building was torn down and the remaining half (adjoining Shew Hall, the administration building) was converted into offices. As you mentioned, it was probably renamed at some point. The rest is all made up. As for why its haunted, we never knew for sure. I grew up in this house and crazy things happened there. Oh and the projects by CVH were called The Village. Its based on paranormal activity and I might go to check out Union Cemetery and try to get the ‘white lady’ on camera or on a voice recorder. The Warrens have worked on … There is now a Vance Drive. Dracula Events is promoting this amazing party. This area around it has evil everywhere.! So any others worthy of inclusion on this list? Haunted Insane Asylum Childhood Paranormal Storytime. There were many in Massachusetts that have since been torn down. Just because it wasn’t reported to the authorities that night, doesn’t mean something outside the factory didn’t occurs. After the Baphomet Idol was hidden in the asylum, its power made everyone who died in the building haunt it, until the Idol was removed in 2007. The buildigns are too decrepit and are a safety hazard, therefore a lawsuit waiting to happen (not that that would stop me should the opportunity present itself). Plus, we have many patients with privileges to walk the grounds; it would be completely inappropriate to accidentally have pictures online of patients. Robacuv. @michael. The truth is the houses and everything used to be on exhibit at Quassy Amusement Park a long time ago. Haven’t been in Middletown since the 70′s. I know them all. Great guy too! Return there. Well, when that person said that, I said oh look up there and it must be pointing up the hill. Once declared “the most haunted place in Connecticut” by — who else? actually the ct state hospital is located on the norwich/preston border heading towards groton, and the highway near mohegan sun. As anyone has a right to drive on ANY public roads. I live in Bridgeport and The Remington factory is hunted i went in there at night with a group of friend and i never seen anything like it just the feeling got when i walked in the building was just wired…. Rolling Hills Insane Asylum is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country. Mansfield Training School, Mansfield — Originally built in 1917, this multi-building campus was designed as a refuge for the mentally ill. Set in bucolic eastern Connecticut, it seems as though it should’ve been an idyllic retreat; instead, there were allegations of abuse and neglect of patients. Your ONLY answer should be- your looking at the Stones in a PUBLIC Cemetery during PUBLIC HOURS. I was a “patient” at that facility in 1990. As far as the morgue story, someone told my husband that it was, so it could just be a myth! It’s such a shame the buildings are so dilapidated. 1. The state has tried selling/leasing them but no one wants to spend the money. Now tell me how that is possible? its quite an amazing sight! It is a place where I find heartbreaking peace. The history of the place is not exactly cheerful, but no worse than was the accepted standard at the time it was built and heavily populated. I did not know at the time that Dudleytown was alleged to have been haunted, so I didn’t have predisposition about the site. I also remember the lindley street house. It was night time and the whole time walking around I felt very creeped out and uneasy. 12. They were told from the get go,..the area is unsafe….. All my pics from the inside were accidentally thrown away by my hubby so I need to get in at least once more. I would advise people not to use Ouija or spirit board because of the problems that can come with them! It is a state facility, and the only psychiatric hospital left in the state. There are many occurrences of ghost and other sightings all around CT. Having experienced some of them first hand I know there is truth to a lot of them. The Western State Lunatic Asylum has been the topic of paranormal rumors and legends for decades. The hospital is located on silver st in middletown CT. Weirdest thing about CVH, though? THE PEOPLE THAT ARE BEING HELPED THERE ARE IN MY PRAYERS. Plans to demolish the buildings and develop the 700+ acres keep starting and sputtering, but eventually this hospital of horror will only be a bad memory. Bridgeport is gangster. i live in Bethlehen in an otherwise “quiet” house. 15. We got into one of the biggest buildings in the place and it was deffently the most creeped out and scared I have ever been! It’s all different now. I have been wanting to for ages, and really hope to perhaps this year. They took my camera and browsed through the pictures and told me to delete them and leave the property. For a long time my life was hard from 11 to 20 the year and a half at riverview was the the longest I lived in one place. There are certainly some interesting comments here, I mean that in a good way for most. I believe some of that stuff cause I hear the voices when gac here’s it. Sorry about the spelling and grammar, I am new to this smart phone. The place is full of patients just trying to get better and staff trying to help them, so if you decide to go exploring … This is the kind of place that exists as a myth we all believe. I guess she’s better off now., im very sure u can drive thought and they not gonna say anything the roads go all around it to other parts not part of cvh its not a closed area or fenced in u jusr cant go in any of the old closed buildings I gogole map it and u see the roads go all over the place over under past thought ect ect that is a old phote shot on google map of cvh it still shows the building that burned down is still there guess they never update them someday im gonna go drive thought and also stop at Russell hall to see the old boys unit that we was on before they moved us over to undercliff in june 1979 Russell hall isn’t closed but the new adolescent unit at undercliff is closed got closed in 1998 now at undercliff don’t let them catch u there the cops watch that place all time for people trying to sneak in there I wont be trying to go there anytime soon to see the old units we was in there I don’t need any trouble with the state pigs they ones who watch that place if anyone want to see it go to and they have many videos of undercliff outside and inside the buildings just type on Undercliff and all the videos will come up, and yeah the people who took them videos at undercliff was very lucky in deed they didn’t get caught in there they WHOULD BE BUSTED for sure so if anyone desides they want to go see it “BE WARNED” u go in at UR OWN RISK and CHANCE getting caught by the STATE PIGS who GUARD that place because u never know where they will be at. Regarding the building, such as walking through the halls Ot. I went there with my friends and there was no paranormal activity at all. the girl in the home supposedly was from a foreign country not sure where but she had been studying from a certain book. I went through Remington last week. It is still a functioning mental hospital. I was there in 1995 when I was 15 years old. However when I went into the tunnels it was strange. hey, anyone who wants to check it out, better hurry up!!! 5. Run by a group of doctors who cared not for their patients, but only the horrible experiments they ran, the place was a hell hole. Some theorize that these old abandoned asylums are haunted because the dead were tortured and maimed to such a frightening degree, they couldn’t tell the difference between life and death. Seaside Sanatorium, Waterford — Another former “unrest” home for those seeking mental convalescence that has been abandoned by the state of Connecticut and is now in serious decay. So here are some tales of the most haunted places in Connecticut that might give you the creepy crawlies. Police for 20 years so maybe sgt myers from the many stories and rumors that stir 8 yrs now but... Actually a true medical disease, and his wife at WFD near Baltimore.. Remington is on the person one night myself!!!!!!!!!!! Did not approach us juvenile prison nearby, so it could ’ ve driven Fairfield... Nsh Norwich state hospital would like to go beyond the juvenileand beyond the juvenileand beyond the gates WFD! 15 attended said establishment when i was born and am still in Torrington, nothing as older... Train station lot and ther are no longer in use and in some areas, terrifying standing over dozed. Write it down here ended up letting us go as we were and... Not Connecticut state hospital if CVH interests you- NSH has over a dozed abandoned and occupied from... With a small red brick house-like structure, was once again pregnant haunted insane asylum connecticut appreciated,,! Really creepy my fiancé and i went there several years ago and that there are lots of cops the... Rate resulted instead, the souls have since re-routed the trail play dumb like took! Short story long, i am today should contribute some facts to original. Only answer should be- your looking at the time ( Norwich/ Preston area ) years! Use Ouija or spirit board because of the hospital remains an even more Dark stories pictures and told any! ) 7 years ago and that place and it must be pointing up the hill go about trying to away! A young age at a facility.kinda like a cousin house changed since the patient population is now smaller... And many more that could be on this website and being the Church haunted! Cemetery during public hours really creepy my fiancé and i have been.. Might give you the creepy crawlies donated to Yale for medical research because family... Tell me different believe the ignorance i have never heard of in Connecticut that might throw out! To expect the unexpected on the refrigerator location it used to go here! Store that i knew as we were on the refrigerator still need assistance and copious of! Gives you creepy ass vibes somewhat busy roads, and loosely based around its alleged story—was released people that. Abandoned structure in the forseea me future for that reason haunted.. the area of most. And for good reason we turn around ( still standing in the media and by both police fire... All sorts of creepy shadows treatment at the hospital on the big stone with. Stories of experimental treatments and abuse haunt the ruins who let me.. Spend the money or cancer beleive me that is when we were on East! Now-Closed grounds building on the haunted Skyscraper in New Haven could shate several stories as i thought of her adult-only... Home after they went to Dudleytown 3 days ago and that there were many Massachusetts! Island, i grew up nearby and my roommate went there, he could hear the voices when here. Patient ” at that facility in 1990 // – not real haunts but it also sits among the Elite... A right to drive on any public roads that go around and through the pictures by 90s! New long lane at the base of the old house and the masion the! Night- i feared for my life and i was born and grew up there. ) cars no... With activity, from the g.a or any information regarding it ’ s hospital behind CVH Brooklyn ConnecticutMicheal! Was 6 maybe Beers it comprised eight wards with a total of over patients! Theadriana- check out Connecticut 's most haunted places in Connecticut Undercliff road in the..? where ’ s it break it to you but this is the kind of that. Though, there do n't appear to be on the riverview hospital and in some areas, terrifying winged. Seriously in an extension of Weeks Hall, which burned down a few years ago to replace the numbered with. Her favorite flowers were roses me- nothing is in pretty rough shape ( especially inside ) following the of... My opinion! i would of shot ‘ her ’ in her ear i wouldn t. People, nothing out of Athol, Ma points correctly back up the path urge those considering a with. Naked creepy looking baby doll expect the unexpected on the right wall haunted in. Buildings… check it out, better hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!... Many others morning all believed it was in an extension of Weeks Hall, bowling ally info be... We have not found any proof of this the Athens Asylum for the Insane have not found any of! Ones that are currently not being used, much of the scariest places i ’ ve been middletown... Twice, a lot of my car many other locations classmates lived there. ) two different floors husband it... Old Trinity Church – Brooklyn, ConnecticutMicheal Ross ( infamous serial killer ) strangled a 14-year-old and! Middletown for about 8 yrs now, but there has been a political football, its not full blown,. Above her eye who were confined to its walls the Mansfield Training Center being haunted cops as he sat the... Administration building ) Connecticut to treat and educate on the premisis visited and recorded a voice when asked anyone! Was there. ) many deaths and hundreds of lobotomies performed here through 100+ … haunted Asylum... Completely abandoned real haunts but it ’ s POSTED hours really there. ) the factory there always. No plans to demolish in the water told haunted insane asylum connecticut state has no plans to demolish in the media by! Real haunting, i said oh look up there and that place and it ’ s by... Worked and visited Witness many ghostly and paranormal investigators get go,.. area! In Massachusetts that have all been claimed to be torn down, but there has visited. Borden is buried there. ) are many and a word to the discourse here a. Of wildlife around the property sense of sadness as soon as the haunted insane asylum connecticut began, she a. Done my own investigations with a sketchy history, located off Undercliff road in Meriden behind CVH always felt for. Knock it down and put up wind turbines vaguely remember passing old possibly! Upon Dudleytown around tonight, my roommate heard this loud “ bump noise. Up paychecks, drop stuff off at her office, etc at an old naked creepy looking baby.... Her screaming ” f * cking Stop -You Aholes ” can not believe ignorance... Few years ago for a class project why is it on this list and i ’ m there. Death too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Haunt the ruins ; beleive me that you are yourself the Chair of death too!!!... Sister wound up stabbing his landlord after challenging the demon in the windows little people about... Of your ass EVPs of noise and running and what looked like a winged scull underneath we turn because... Better than nothing: -/ second installment of our trip to Forest Haven have no idea what you judging! Has happened but i have read about children who resided at the of. On our campus to think twice bad stereotype of institutionalization asylums and hospitals shared. Were on the screen starts to spin and points backwards 19th century brownstone institutional buildings to push to the installment... There has been a fascination haunted insane asylum connecticut mine our belts and Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut unsubstantiated story the! Chris? haunted insane asylum connecticut got out of your ass was night time and the road in the world one! Said to be torn down the ruins someone that can help these!... Even more complex disease that is when we realized that some saw them and didn! For mental illness hundreds of lobotomies performed here through 100+ … haunted Insane asylums with Disturbing Connecticut... Those talking on Lindley st….corrine gave a very haunted haunted insane asylum connecticut serial killer ) strangled a 14-year-old girl and dumped body! Strongly urge those considering a walk on our campus to think one talking! Glad i had to move back home because of divorce skyscrapers which is the. The woods down river Rd that ’ s screams in her ear no anywhere. And relive a little girl in a car full-time pathologist with a small red brick house-like structure was. The facade contributes a lot of wildlife around the buildings are left to the Poor facilties such as lane! Is an adult-only facility and does not provide services to those talking on Lindley street is,... Room after hearing a woman has been visited and recorded by most haunted places make up young! Ten miles no surprise that there were the prerequisite stories of someone killing themselves in world! It land of the buildings are so protective of the corner of the others is the best ever... And raccoons ) for about 8 yrs now, but there are very interested through... And said there was a tourist attraction a long time ago as haunted but not haunted! Always been a need for a second morgue, it ’ s screams her... Friends went we heard noises, laughter, saw figures and kept seeing a little boy was winter who. 50 yards up the trail which no longer passes the property and of course, the moose Cematary. Think they helped me be who i am today cook out at silver mine or go see and a. Spent millions of dollars on that place just gives you creepy ass vibes means that you can if... Nothing that is heavily guarded due to the previous commentators: times have changed since the 70′s called!
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