a little more about moi

Looking for some additional tidbits were you? Well voila! Here are some additional biographical details including some life highlights, creature comfort preferences and some ideas that feel really useful for me:

• I love sipping tea on rainy days with a good book, snuggled up to my dog.
• Yummy, artistically displayed food is inspiring to me – making it AND eating it (especially with others who also appreciate it).
• I have spoken both locally and internationally to thousands about creating a unique life by introducing educational and career strategies in alignment with personal aspirations.
• Thomas Haas is divine chocolate. My absolute favourite.
• My “second” language is Swedish. I studied, worked, lived, and loved there for two years.
• I know that we are all really made to play.
• I’m a highly sensitive, introspective extrovert.
• I love adventure – little ones and big ones – a new food or a new trail make me equally happy.
• I didn’t come from a good family.
• I have used my writing abilities to help a dog rescue organization write dog profiles that transform acts of indifference and cruelty to social justice and compassion (Story Alchemy).
• I value learning in all forms. I engage with my life as a personalized Ivy League curriculum.
• I love my man. He’s my best friend.
• I love my dog. She is an extremely gifted teacher in the art of surrender.
• I learned how to mountain climb in Lofoten (The Magic Islands), Norway. Like the name says – it’s magic.
• I live for when people make themselves at home in the world.
• Being authentic is like rocket fuel for your being. It inspires others to do likewise.
• The pain of inner darkness is the aching for the light.
• We are all really here for our authentic power (inner sovereignty and partnerships with others – not over others).
• I once called off a wedding. I know first-hand what inner fortune lies in disappointing a whole bunch of loved ones in a single moment face-to-face. I’m writing about that too.
• I believe in you and your ability to make.believe. for real.

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