i’ve got a (business) man

He’s my secret weapon, my champion, my biggest believer, my loverman, my best friend and now we’re in business together.

Introducing Daniel Jordi.

We met 10 years ago at work. A bunch of stuff happened (long, really rather intriguing story that I promise I’ll tell you about one day). And 3 months ago, after leaving his job as a Food and Beverage Director with 130 people reporting to him, he sat down and said: “I don’t know what I want to do anymore. I’m so frustrated.”

(An aside: Now, while he was probably having a break-down of sorts, I was ecstatic. The day before I had just blurted out the idea of the Bliss Kit to a former colleague over tea. I was raring to commit. Wondering how it was all going to happen. I knew what skills I had and I knew I had no money for the things that I didn’t know how to do. But I knew exactly who would and could be perfect for the job. I was just dilly-dallying about how to bring it up when Universe presented me with my opportunity.)

“That’s wonderful,” I told him, “Because I have this crazy idea …”

It was a proposal. And he said yes.

He’s organization and focus on steroids, he’s brilliant business acumen and prince charming all-in-one, he’s tender and fierce, he’s numbers and passion, more technically geeky than I ever realized – which is a good thing.

He’s creative at all the things that I won’t get out of bed for.

And moi? I am no fool.

Without him, I couldn’t focus on what it is that I do best. What it is that I am best for the world at. And together we are bringing you the Bliss Kit.

We’re a team (together with Sonnet of course). Our home on a hill overlooking Nanoose Bay on beautiful Vancouver Island is a hub, a magical place of creative synergy, I’m a witness to my wildest dreams coming true. We believe in living your bliss so badly because it’s simply what we do. Together.

After we launch the Bliss Kit on April 17, he’ll be available for creative-types looking for some similar support. Drop my Business Man(ager) a note if you want to chat him up to see what’s possible: daniel@MakeBelieveForReal.com

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Hi Stina – It is awesome. The Universe offers you up help in the most surprising ways sometimes especially when you have a mission in your heart. I never thought this would happen. It’s true: “Never say never” :) Thanks for leaving a note.


Aww! That’s awesome! I always love reading stories of couples that work together/run a business together… I’m usually a little jealous too :)


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