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I had this love-hate relationship with poetry for decades. And I know I’m not the only one.

Here’s how it went: I loved it if I understood it. Hated it if I didn’t.

And most of the time I hated it. Because I felt inadequate in my lack of understanding (blaming myself for not ‘getting it’).

I gave that up recently when I signed up for a poetry class. I surrendered to a feeling that existed in my throat as a cry for self-expression. And I rediscovered poetry like a long lost lover.

Needless to say, we’ve been spending a lot of time together ever since (blushing).

Poetry sits
and stays longer than
words conveyed
in other ways.

For poetry to enter
the cells of
your experience,
You rest on each word,
each space,
and each line
absorbing meaning.

It’s powerful understanding composed of word formations placed in spaciousness.

It’s the heart speaking to the outside world.

Something that only another heart can hear. (If another heart is listening that is.)

After contemplating our time together (poetry and I), I gathered five gifts of bliss for the journey through life to share with you:

1 :: Poetry is a language that makes perfect sense … to your heart.

When you rely on your critical mind at the expense of your heart (clearly with a mind of its own!) you experience a betrayal. A poem is the only way for the heart to be listened to and deeply heard.

2 :: Poetry is language beyond defenses.

I haven’t ever read angry letters or comments from people expressing outrage at sentiments in a poem. Have you (and if you have, show me)? In an atmosphere of poetry, we convey to one another what is most meaningful to us. Minus our habits of prefaces, pretenses, and perfection.

3 :: Poetry accesses the essence of the matter.

Poetry is pure awareness of the truth in one’s personal world. There’s nothing superfluous, meandering, or non-essential about it. It’s the nudity of vulnerability without feeling nakedly exposed.

4 :: Poetry is a touchstone of understanding.

Whatever your relationship to poetry in the past, I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t carry at least one poem or quote (probably from a poem and they just don’t know it) that expresses something beyond the words themselves. This word formation offers comfort to the soul on the journey home.

Request: I would be ever so delighted if you shared what your touchstone poem or quote is. Please?

5 :: Poetry inspires presence of the moment.

You’re trying to sleep. But your mind won’t release you to the land of slumber. Hmm …

After years of being asked by strangers, clients and friends to stand by their bed reading or reciting to them until sleep came (the last straw was after a recent chat with Adam King), I’ve surrendered. I’m recording myself reading my favourite poems for you who yearn to give your mind a rest. Want to listen? My YouTube channel is here.

P.S. If you have requests for poems you’d like to hear read (even if it’s one of your own), leave a comment or drop me a note.

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