Selling your soul: the key to finding your dream job

You might be thinking that selling your soul is a bad thing (as in you’re going to hell, right?).

You might even be a naughty little minx and joke that you do in fact sell your soul at work.

Code meaning for: you don’t like your work.

And when you do that (don’t like your work and do it anyway), it feels at odds with the truth of who you are. What you really want to give. And how you want to live.

Psst … If this is even remotely the case, I’ve got news for you.

You’re not selling your soul at all.

Relieved? Don’t be.

What you are actually doing is: Blocking your soul. Suppressing it. Ignoring it. Thwarting it. Rejecting it. You are actively denying the part of you that actually wants to work. Each soul has a job and your job is to allow it.

Besides, not channeling your soul gives you that icky feeling when you go to work. And you get “life hints” too. Like:

: The world feels full of ungrateful people. No one seems really grateful to you for much.

: You work so damn hard to make money. And you resent what you do to earn it.

: You’re tired – or sick. Or sick and tired. Often. A lot. All the time maybe?

Duty, obligation, and a commitment to suffering create a deafness to the voice of your life. We treat these states of being as normal. When in fact, the current circumstance is merely one option, and certainly not the only one. There are infinite possibilities, but also one that you’d much rather be living.

This is the way that your life asks. Asks: “Won’t you please listen to me?”

Like immediately. It knows something you don’t.

Selling your soul actually means doing the work that you are. And giving yourself permission to get paid for doing it.

It’s loving kindness to yourself. Because the truth is: You can only give away what you truly have to give.

Praise the lord. Amen. (just making up for the post title – I said hell).

Where were we … (oh yes):

You get to follow your bliss. Create a life – not just make a living.

A world of thanks, ease in making a living and a better experience of life await.

And it would be just so much better for the world and you in it if you actually did sell your soul. There are people waiting just for you to show up and do your thing!

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4 responses to “Selling your soul: the key to finding your dream job”

  1. I have been thinking of seling my soul but I don’t think I would get much for it.
    The strange thing is, I also believe I have a heart. Now if I sell my soul, what do I do with my heart. I mean should I keep my heart or sell that with the soul as a going concern.
    Or maybe I add it to the deal as a sweetener.

    What about keeping my soul and selling my heart? Which is best and where can I abandon both and become an animal in this cruel world?

  2. Hi there. I appreciate the humor in your comment and thank you for leaving one. What do I think is best? It’s really an individual answer, but for me, I want to integrate, include, accept, and nurture wholeness within and in doing so use my life to create a world that I want to be in. We after all, don’t see the world as it is, but rather as we are. Each one of us a world unto ourselves.

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