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  • i didn’t win

    A few months ago, I entered a writing contest. That was a new (and scary) thing for me to do. Because I don’t usually write about anything other than what you see here. I wrote in a new genre for me. It’s kind of like listening to your favourite rock n’ roll singer try their […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with geekstar paul jarvis

    “[Entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs]* are afraid to be themselves in their work. They think [being authentic] isn’t professional, that people won’t like them, that their personality won’t match with everybody else’s. I know that my personality doesn’t match with everybody. And I’m happy about that . It’s how I know that who is working with me […]

  • what was i thinking (when i decided to become an entrepreneur)?

    So you’re considering entrepreneurship and thinking to yourself: “What am I thinking? I must be crazy!” Starting a business seems so risky after all. And maybe you’re like I was – almost mad at yourself that there isn’t some other way that you could be happy, doing something equally as gratifying without all of the […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with Liv Lane

    “I want bliss everyday. And when I say that I want bliss everyday, some people think that saying that means that we won’t have difficult times. Bliss doesn’t erase grief or pain or anger. One of the reasons that bliss is possible because you’ve gone through those things.” – Liv Lane, Artist/Writer/Speaker/Mentor/Mama at LivLane.com Liv […]

  • a real career conversation

    Have you ever had a real conversation with someone about your career? Someone you felt safe with and could really trust? Probably not. And understandably. Career is the aspect of our lives that has as much to do with survival as self-expression. And we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that survival and self-expression cannot co-exist in […]

  • Bliss Kit Launched: it’s not too late to be you (at work)

    It’s not too late to be the real you + get paid for it. Get your bliss on with the Bliss Kit Holy. Claim. Your. Bliss. Now. Get secret weapons grade career help to cure that “icky Monday morning” feeling. Why secret weapons grade? Excellent question (I love how we’re so connected). Do this: Think […]

  • do you deserve your life?

    She wouldn’t and couldn’t “have anything” – her life was a confusing mess, and in her view, anyone that messes their life up this much doesn’t deserve anything until they get their shit straightened out. She’d once again left a job to “just clear her head,” confident that she just needed a few months off. […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with Chief Penguin Michael Katz

    “You have to be willing to accept a pretty big element of ‘we don’t know how this story is going to turn out.’ And I’m not a risk-taker, maybe it looks like I am, but I’m really not … but I have definitely learned to go with the scary choice. If the less scary choice […]

  • claim your career bliss: interview with Life Coach Tim Brownson

    “We ask ourselves: ‘What will I do with my money to make me happy?’ A better approach is to find out what makes you happy and then work out what minimum amount of money you need to do the thing that actually means you’re happy … Bliss is doing the thing you’d do anyway.” –Tim […]

  • burning question: what’s your superhero name?

    If you’re following me on twitter, you already know. I wasn’t hiding it from you. The name when I’m undercover is none other than The Witch of Bliss (@thewitchofbliss). As a sorceress of sorts, I use my prophetic and portal creating abilities in everything I do wherever I go and help others to do the […]