Tag: burning question

  • burning question: what’s your superhero name?

    If you’re following me on twitter, you already know. I wasn’t hiding it from you. The name when I’m undercover is none other than The Witch of Bliss (@thewitchofbliss). As a sorceress of sorts, I use my prophetic and portal creating abilities in everything I do wherever I go and help others to do the […]

  • burning question: what would you like to stop doing?

    From the past: Stop blaming myself first; Pretending that I didn’t have any needs; Treating what I wanted as unnecessary; Putting myself last on my list; Staying in relationships – with friends, family, colleagues, ex-boyfriends because I thought that my life would be lonely otherwise; Planning every inch of my life; Wishing for something different […]

  • burning question: what’s one dumb thing you used to believe in?

    The laws that we create for ourselves lurk in the shadows of our periphery and dictate our follies. We test both might and fright to live by them. It’s the imagined prison that prevents the living of fantastical lives in harmony with your true self, your true love and your true work. At one point […]