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  • the one thing you can stop telling yourself to unblock career bliss

    We tell ourselves stories to make sense of the world so that we know what to do. As a collection, they helped us to create the path to now. They’re supposed to make things feel easier. Except when they don’t. And when they don’t, they need to be re-visited. Take for example, this painfully popular […]

  • what’s after your ‘happily ever after’ (exactly)?

    Fairy tales end with the flourish: ‘happily ever after.’ And while that sounds like a nice way to live, most people I know are actually afraid of living ‘happily ever after.’ Here’s why: ‘Happily ever after’ sounds like a boring existence because in the fairy tale, that’s where the story ends. It’s everything before those […]

  • play with and in your career (plus a personal update)

    I write about career bliss. You know that. Especially if we’ve kept in touch for a little while via my posts. But I think that you also know that I don’t write about career as being separate from life. Career and life go together and are together for best results at feeling alive. I believe […]

  • what does your soul want for you?

    It’s common to watch someone else and wonder about their behavior. I mean, sometimes people seem awfully strange – especially at work. Right? And so, as a fellow human being you find yourself wondering or (better yet) making up stories for why they are doing what they are doing. Amusing, I know. I used to […]

  • clues in quotes for career bliss

    I know and you know that not everyone thinks that career bliss is real nor possible. And in your own pursuits, you’ll feel knocked by the expectations and limitations that others place on themselves. The deal in this dynamic is this: If I can’t do it/see it/have it [it = career bliss] – then really, […]

  • credentials for career bliss come from real life (an untold story)

    It feels like a lifetime ago now, but once upon a time I was once in a relationship with someone that I was terrified of. Career bliss was a dream, a fantasy, a fairy tale. An unrealistic concept. This is because I had accepted ‘stupid’, ‘loser’, and ‘slut’ as alternatives to my name and the […]

  • 19 career advisor wisdom bites for your own career bliss

    Being alive is a charming experience, isn’t it? You grow up and are deeply fearful of things that make you think that it’s just better to stay where you are. And while you’re at it, maybe stay how you are too. Hey – I bet sometimes you feel just like the people who were afraid […]

  • a portrait of career bliss

    I had finished showering and was mostly dressed before I realized that I couldn’t find a pull over I wanted to wear. It was definitely in the pile of unfolded laundry in the guest room. Down the hall. I half jogged and half walked out of the bedroom door passing by our long corridor that […]

  • curse career bliss – okay, why not?

    All of time suddenly started to move in slow motion. Her eyes bulged. Here message obviously serious. Her voice raised. Ready. Aim. Fire. “Your company concept doesn’t sound serious at all. In fact it sounds flakey. And to associate yourself with the word ‘bliss’ – are you serious?!” It’s funny because I had been saying […]

  • career bliss is close at hand + it’s my birthday

    ‘Cause it’s my birthday and because I want to celebrate with you, today is the first ever Bliss Kit Pay What You Can Day. ***Pay What You Can Is Over for 2013. Thanks for joining in on the festivities! xo*** For the next 24 hours I’m offering the Bliss Kit at the price that you […]