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  • how to create an amazing resume letterhead (part 1)

    The resume is finite real estate and what that means is that what goes on it is curated. By you. About you. So not only does the resume content matter, the design does too. And the design of your resume begins with your resume letterhead. It matters because it “says” something about you. Just like […]

  • the great resume checklist

    Now that you’ve seen, studied and reflected upon your existing resume in reference to the sample from the last article, this step asks you to create a checklist so that you know when your very own resume is complete. Otherwise how will you know when it’s time to stop tinkering and put it to use? […]

  • the anatomy of a resume

    It’s not bragging if you can back it up. – Muhammad Ali A resume is composed of parts and structure – it has a recognizable anatomy. This you know. If you give someone a resume that departs too much from the anatomy that they’re familiar with they can’t relate to it. It doesn’t “count” as […]

  • why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 4)

    Here’s the point of your resume: Ability to self-attune = self worth = career satisfaction What we see in the career landscape of today is that resumes that are supposed to represent your self-worth (and also determine a monetary worth for the work that you do) are actually resumes filled to the brim with shame […]

  • why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 3)

    In the previous article you may have discovered that you unconsciously perceive your work as a venue for meeting your unmet childhood needs of acceptance, love and approval. In fact, you might have been funnelling most of your daily energy into this as your work and can tell because you feel its influence over how […]

  • why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 2)

    On your resume you’ll know that you are commoditizing yourself if you notice any of the following (psst … this is where you take out your existing resume and check it against this list): :: Phrases taken directly in part or whole from books, online materials or from other people’s resumes to help you create […]

  • why treating yourself as a commodity is a great disservice (part 1)

    Human beings are not commodities. And yet, the way that you’ve learned to think, write, and treat yourself and others professionally is in the terms of commoditization. And what is a commodity exactly? (Just so we’re on the same page) A commodity is something that exists to satisfy needs. The problem with this perspective is […]

  • the real reason you can’t be yourself on your resume

    When I talk about being more authentic or more real on your resume the response I receive is often “stink eye.” I’ve been told that things “should” be the way I propose (that you can be more authentic and that employers actually want you to be so on your resume), but that I live in […]

  • why does it hurt to write your resume? (i know it does)

    You have a resume. Chances are that you have a lot of feelings about your resume too. And most of those feelings probably aren’t good ones. I nod in understanding because I used to feel that way myself. So what happened to me that changed how I felt about my resume? Let me let you […]

  • introducing the resume project

    As a Career Counselor and human being, I want to live in a world where people feel free to be themselves – right from their resumes on through to each day of their life. This is because I grew up in a home that didn’t have time for who I really was. A home that […]