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  • Bliss claimers: Who ARE these people?

    I’m finding out. I’m interviewing them, right here. People who are actually doing it. A series of video interviews. Just for you! I run them as they are ready for viewing beginning the last week of March 2012. (OMG, it’s my inner Oprah coming out!) Real people, in the flesh, claiming their own bliss. Sharing […]

  • burning question: what would you like to stop doing?

    From the past: Stop blaming myself first; Pretending that I didn’t have any needs; Treating what I wanted as unnecessary; Putting myself last on my list; Staying in relationships – with friends, family, colleagues, ex-boyfriends because I thought that my life would be lonely otherwise; Planning every inch of my life; Wishing for something different […]

  • burning question: what boat do you need to burn?

    Imagine a people that encounter new lands, unpack and then burn their boats. Only onward, forward motion in their hearts and minds. To burn a boat and move forward is a sign of inner peace with what is. My boat to burn is relationships – to past well-meaning colleagues, friends and family. Once in bonds […]

  • burning question: what’s one dumb thing you used to believe in?

    The laws that we create for ourselves lurk in the shadows of our periphery and dictate our follies. We test both might and fright to live by them. It’s the imagined prison that prevents the living of fantastical lives in harmony with your true self, your true love and your true work. At one point […]

  • love your strengths and you too can have career bliss

    I love the idea of a strength. I especially love the very thought of using my strengths to feel strengthened. And I love Marcus Buckingham and his crew for naming that and championing this evolution in how we view how we work. Question tho’: Why is it so difficult to see your own strengths if […]

  • on the matter of death + the possibility of birth (like now)

    Learned from Vanity Fair that my childhood super crush Michael J. Fox and I have this in common: When it’s our time to go, the grim reaper will find us being licked to death by puppies. It’s a done deal. Decided. My fate is sealed. Who’s with me? Too scary to ponder? Here’s what’s real […]

  • Unconventional career tools make your old world new again

    A relaxed mind that’s having fun acquires, reveals, and contributes way more than a stressed out one. This much you probably already know. My confession is this: Unless I see something or do it for myself – experience it somehow, I have no idea what’s going on. My truth is this: Learning was stressful growing […]

  • This isn’t about nudity – it’s “on-the-job” exposure

    It’s (like seriously long over-due) time to re-imagine our concept of work. Work is not just a means to an end. Real work is about creating a life that integrates all parts of you. Meaning: The simplest thing that you do is your gift to the world. It’s simply how you are. You need no […]

  • Selling your soul: the key to finding your dream job

    You might be thinking that selling your soul is a bad thing (as in you’re going to hell, right?). You might even be a naughty little minx and joke that you do in fact sell your soul at work. Code meaning for: you don’t like your work. And when you do that (don’t like your […]

  • When there’s no love left … check your resume

    No love left for your job that is. Time to move on. That much is clear to you, but to what? Before moving on just yet,  even a quick reflection and moment of insight can impact how you go on from here. No matter whether by chance or by design, you had a role to […]