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  • how to be mr. or ms. right (for the job)

    “The employer just doesn’t care.” This sentiment comes up often in resume books and online job (re)sources. Oh. How helpful. Right? Is that supposed to make you feel better or worse? To me (and really who am I?) it lacks some real insight that would inspire anything other than despair if I went around really, […]

  • tell me your secrets, hopes, fears and dreams + questions

    Give ’em up! I dare you! I confess. I am deeply interested in your big questions, your burning questions and your secret questions about how to create and follow your bliss. Tell me. No really, tell me: ::What you want to know; ::What crosses your mind that you forget and then remember and forget and […]

  • I’m naked … and it’s all for you

    Every time I post a piece, I get naked. I’d heard before that revealing your creativity in some form for all to see was like getting naked. Now I know it’s true. A direct expression from within my being … and it’s all for you! The ta-ta’s that for years I tried to minimize or […]