tell me your secrets, hopes, fears and dreams + questions

Give ’em up! I dare you!

I confess.

I am deeply interested in your big questions, your burning questions and your secret questions about how to create and follow your bliss.

Tell me. No really, tell me:

::What you want to know;
::What crosses your mind that you forget and then remember and forget and remember;
::What you struggle with;
::What you wish you knew the answer to (damn it!);
::What you wish you had an answer for; and
::What you won’t admit to others that you really do want to know.

And here’s what I’ll do: I’ll write in your honour because that’s how I feel of service to the world.

(but I won’t name your name – I’ll keep my source confidential)

Send your q’s my way. Or maybe they’re even other people’s. People say stuff all the time, right? Like your friends, family and colleagues. The source doesn’t matter, only that the question engages with my synapses.

And don’t mind if you do share my request with others on social media. In fact, please do.

And just to be clear, there’s no need to declare it publicly. Email me (it’s confidential). Feel free to muse and I’ll discern the topic. Tho’ I am certainly open to tweets and facebook wall posts are also welcome.

To those that have written so far, I have so appreciated you sharing as inspiration for writing. Love it. Love it. Keep ’em coming. XO

Send your e-questions, muses and thoughts about life + career to: sabrina [at] makebelieveforreal (dot) com

Starter ideas:
+ Sabrina quick, tell me how do you enjoy what you do? What’s your secret?
+ Does anyone care when I apply for a job?
+ Have you ever actually seen a leprechaun?
+ What makes someone want to change their life?
+ My father hates his job. Says that he’s too old to change. Why does he think that?
+ Is success directly related to how tall you are as a grown-up?

P.S. I’m open to hearing about your secret crushes too.

P.P.S. Now I triple dare you!

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