40 ways to create more career possibility for yourself especially when you think it’s not possible

Think of these 40 as a starter kit.

The purpose of this list isn’t to judge yourself or others for their (or your own) method. Though you you know and I know that your ego will do that anyway. Your ego doesn’t like hearing that possibility exists when it thinks there are none and certainly none that are worth considering that haven’t already been considered. And in this particular moment, believe it or not, that’s when real possibility is ready to birth.

This article is a collection of ideas gathered from clients past and present – possibilities to midwife possibility when what you’re experiencing is the pain of restriction and limitation from possibility. It’s part of the process of becoming your own career advisor – that is knowing yourself more well than you do now.

And you are the one – the only one, that can clear and create space for there to be the possibility that you seek. It can’t happen and won’t happen until you want it to. But if you’re anything like I was, you will last until you give yourself no other choice. And on a deeper level, that’s still very much a choice.

Always know this: When you think you’ve exhausted every possibility – you haven’t. It wouldn’t be “possibility” if that were indeed the case.

Try one or try them all. Experiment on yourself.

1:: Journal honestly about what’s going on for you. Pretend you’re having a conversation with the Universe if you’d like to know “why this, why now, why me?” Or pretend it’s me. That will be funnier and you wouldn’t be the first.

2:: Get more rest with your own permission to do so.

3:: Watch your favourite movie.

4:: Visit your favourite person.

5:: Listen to your favourite songs.

6:: Ask yourself: If I had my own permission, what would I do right now? Ponder and (maybe) do it after assessing whether what you receive from listening is a message born of true desire from your soul. Learn to discern between soul responses and ego responses.

7:: Drink more water.

8:: Close your eyes and be present for 3 – 10 full breath cycles. For one breath cycle: Four counts into your lower belly, two into your rib cage and two into your upper back. Pause and exhale for eight counts in the reverse order – from the upper back, the rib cage and the belly. Begin again.

9:: Walk in the woods (preferably with a dog).

10:: Hug your dog (or cat if they’ll let you) or get the dog you always wanted.

11:: Paint, draw, get a book plan written.

12:: Write a poem.

13:: Visit the archives in your city or the library.

14:: Make yourself some delicious, nourishing food. Invite yourself to dinner.

15:: Take a hot shower or bath.

16:: Do yoga (or Pilates).

17:: Do yoga with a friend.

18:: Clean (dishes, your room, one drawer, your bed sheets, jewelry).

19:: Re-read your favourite childhood books.

20:: Re-watch your favourite childhood movie.

21:: Knit, crochet or make art with cloth.

22:: Channel someone you admire and respect to have a conversation with them. Write out a dialogue between the two of you (be they dead or alive, real or imagined).

23:: Tend to or fix something tiny you’ve been putting off – oil a door hinge, sew a button back on, pluck your stray eyebrows, take off that old nail polish, polish your nails, clip your nails, clean your nails.

24:: Vacuum.

25:: Stare out the window and watch the clouds move, or the trees sway or the waves roll in (you’d have to live near water for that last one). Don’t stop until you realize you’ve lost track of time.

26:: Make dinner for your friends. Invite them over.

27:: Invite yourself over to a friend’s house to make dinner for them.

28:: Bake something, split it up, wrap it in packages and deliver them to your neighbors. Tell them you were feeling neighbourly if they ask why.

29:: Write an anonymous love letter and leave it somewhere for someone to find.

30:: Email your friends your favourite quotes and tell them they’re for inspiration.

31:: Email your friends and ask them for the names of the things that inspire them – their favourite quotes (books, songs, movies).

32:: Remember that when someone speaks what they’re saying is based completely on how they see and experience the world. Whether or not you like what they’re saying, and especially if you don’t, imagine that they can only say what they’re saying because their mind is pretending that what they’re saying is for you or about you. You were their mirror to help them access information from their subconscious. Your reaction is only your subconscious trying to talk to you. Write about this.

33:: Tidy your work space.

34:: Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom whenever you need to. Don’t wait. Practice.

35:: When you intuitively know that someone can’t hear what you have to say and you have a history and knowledge of their “bad attitude”, choose not to share. Let go of needing them to understand something that they can’t because they don’t want to. Or stand up for yourself and embrace the consequences when enough is enough. Choose something different than your own indifference to yourself.

36:: Love yourself no matter the outcome. Look in the mirror. See your face and eyes – just like you want someone else to – and sincerely say these three words: “I love you.” Write about this experience.

37:: Acknowledge that, just like in the past, you may not know why things are happening as they are, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not for a reason. Write out some of the things that you didn’t understand and come up with compassionate reasons for why things are the way they are. But before you take that step write all that anger out of you. Injustice is a feeling that wants to be felt.

38:: Write down all the things that have been hard to let go of. Imagine you are your own BFF. What do you need to be asked about these things to uncover your own answers? Write these questions down. Answer them.

39:: Have a favourite little something? Lip balm? Tea? Chocolate? Socks? Stock up and feel how wonderfully rich you feel.

40: Admit it: You have an inner child. Read about him or her. Take care of him or her.

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