I’m work? wtf?

I’ve never heard of anyone looking into the eyes of a relatively new life murmuring: “What a work in progress you are! What a little ‘not good enough’ you are!”

I’m talking about a baby. A puppy or a kitten will do too.

Maybe you’ve watched the little one sleep feeling yourself too lulled into the embrace of the Universal mother. Maybe you’ve locked eyes at a moment of that spit-laugh-gurgle thing that they do so well and felt connected to the joy of just being.

We gaze upon this new life understanding and never doubting the breathtaking perfection that is already there. Little one, you got here all by yourself?

Literally how Divine.

Once upon a time, that baby was you. You had arrived.

Then WTF happened?

You grow up and suddenly, you’re a “work in progress”. 

We are eternal at our core, so how can we be a work in progress? That logic just doesn’t jive. Just because you don’t feel perfect, doesn’t mean that you’re anything less than perfect.

When I hear someone refer to themselves as a “work in progress”, I understand why we often feel at a loss wondering if we’re living the life we’re meant to. Distracted with the pursuit of well-roundedness, busy – oh, so busy – improving weaknesses! All the while discounting all that is most beautiful, powerful and potent.

Buying into being a “work in progress” is fertile soil for the roots of believing that you don’t have enough, you don’t do enough and you certainly are not enough. You are always “work” – unpleasantness, an obligation, a ‘have to’. Nothing distracts more from the truth of who we are than this.

In the meantime your soul awaits partnership – for you to be okay with your clumsy, quirky, “OMG! I totally fucked up, but I’m willing to look at what that’s about for me” way of life (oh and sometimes, you even have graceful and elegant moments too).

Why isn’t that perfect just the way it is?

We *love* vulnerability in people. It endears them to us. It makes us human.

From the soul’s perspective you can’t do it wrong because you constantly put yourself in the way of learning just by being who you are.

Your work is to open yourself up and release resistance to knowing, experiencing and creating meaning from your life. Resistance makes the whole thing feel more painful.

There is meaning to be had from this apparent chaos (except it’s not). But if you knew what it was all about, that wouldn’t be any fun now would it? What would be the point?

Re-member who you really are – a soul having a human experience.

Steps for re-membering:

1. Name it (your genius)! Conditioned to only see what you’re lacking? Find your strengths!

2. Create a strategy for support! Spring into action and get help. Someone else has a genius that you need. Trust me, no matter the investment, you will never be as good at something as someone who does what they are because they love who they are. Trade services with someone, pay someone to do even one small thing for you/lots of small things/a big thing, call in a favour – we all have a genius to share! It all makes a difference to you.

Btw – have I told you how much I love my Steve – I mean my accountant? Steve you rock!

3. Focus on offering your genius. You are content that needs form. Your job is to enjoy being yourself  because when you do, everything else falls into place. Start with your resume.

4. And remember: Fundamental change is not derived from a critical eye, but rather from the impetus of love (thyself).

Love to be alive!

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