19 career advisor wisdom bites for your own career bliss

Being alive is a charming experience, isn’t it?

You grow up and are deeply fearful of things that make you think that it’s just better to stay where you are. And while you’re at it, maybe stay how you are too.

Hey – I bet sometimes you feel just like the people who were afraid they’d fall off the edge of a flat earth if they sailed too far into the horizon.

These pioneer travelers didn’t know what they had not yet experienced for themselves because they hadn’t travelled beyond what the eye could see. What they wanted was to avoid unpleasantness, but they were also averting adventure, possibility, and freedom because the world turned out to not be flat at all.

Imagine that. It was REALLY OKAY after all to journey further.

There was indeed something to become aware of out there beyond the previously defined known.

And this is the charming part of being alive: For what was beyond vision was and wasn’t there at the same time until the unbounded globe was both experienced and discovered because of a precious inherent human thing called curiosity.

Becoming aware of the sphere that the Earth really is required courage, not to mention unattaching to what was previously held as the only truth and possibility.

The world was made bigger in the mind, though it was never as small as believed to be in the first place.

And making your world bigger in terms of experiencing your own career bliss as your very own career advisor is not unlike learning that the world is a big ball of Life supported in the Universe and aided by forces unseen.

(Isn’t it humbling to think that you’re hurling through space just going about your day-to-day – even while reading this?)

In the spirit of expanding horizons when you explore your own inner world, learning what’s REALLY OKAY will lead to your work, with love. So, here, for you are 19 of my very best career advisor wisdom bites from the last five years and a 300 client collective (so far!):

:: It’s REALLY OKAY for others (no matter who they are to you) to not understand what your idea of career bliss is – and for you to take the steps you need to anyway.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to have an opinion and share it – it’s your opinion after all and you’re not asking anyone else to substitute his or her own for yours (you may bump into people who need to be reminded of this).

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to love what you love – you have the honor of deciding what to do with what you know you love (hint: ignoring what or who you love will create unpleasantness).

:: It’s REALLY OKAY that you’re not like anybody else – yeah, you’re annoyed about it sometimes I know, but you really don’t want to be like anyone else anyways so you’ll need to do research into what’s available in the big wide world that’s right for you.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY that what you really want takes time – so make sure that your time means something to you.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY that you’re not where you think you should be, doing what you think you should be doing – you actually don’t know that that’s the case and insight as your own career advisor (which is faster than hindsight) will tell you differently.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY that someone really loves you for you – it happens because they want to love you. You make their life more wonderful somehow.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY for someone to hate you just for being yourself – yes, it’s sad (and even annoying) but trying to win people over just makes other people hate you and disconnects you from your career advisor wisdom.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to want what you truly want – it’s how you know what your path is, even when you don’t think you know what your path is.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to buy the one you really want – this way, you actually satisfy the need, savour the benefits and ultimately want less because you enjoy more.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to admit you’ve made mistakes and to fully experience failure – you won’t die, but old ideas of who you are or need to be will. This is the freedom that you seek.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to invest in the resources that you need – it’s the spending (as opposed to investing) that keeps your fears alive that you don’t benefit from.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY (as in REALLY, REALLY OKAY) to not have the answers – certainty is an act that doesn’t even come close to what it means to have clarity that can only come to a still mind.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to hear someone criticize your real aspirations and to then to stop telling them anything at all about it – real desires and dreams after all need to know who is friend and who is foe in order to come true at all.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to not have things all figured out – you need to commit instead to figuring things out so that you can keep moving forward.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to give yourself permission to do that big or even “itty bitty” something that you really want to – you’re the only real author(ity) of what you do or perhaps, more potently how you do it .

:: It’s REALLY OKAY that people are jealous of you – it’s not your fault when others struggle to love themselves enough to find a way to create the life that they want.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to not want to have children – your life asks you to develop mothering and fathering skills that are required to give birth to your dreams anyway.

:: It’s REALLY OKAY to rest and reflect – it’s how you develop clarity and take precise steps without wasting a single drop of your precious time and energy.

Now, you tell me (I’d love to know), what have you learned is REALLY OKAY that has made you realize more of your own horizon?

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