50 ways to enjoy your current job (more than you currently do)

1. See everyone as someone with a purpose (including you).
2. Have dreams.
3. Acknowledge what you know and do each day.
4. Care for your work space.
5. Breathe before answering.
6. Go to the bathroom when you need to.
7. Share something (that you think is) strange about yourself with others.
8. Express yourself in how you dress.
9. Ask questions.
10. Use your gut or intuition.
11. Validate your own experience.
12. Say when you need help.
13. Laugh.
14. Practice kindness.
15. Ask for space when you need it.
16. Read engaging books.
17. Maintain at least one hobby actively.
18. Offer to help.
19. When you say ‘hello’, mean it.
20. Acknowledge anger.
21. Excuse yourself.
22. Laugh (yes, yes, yes).
23. Keep photos of meaningful people or places visible.
24. Re-set expectations as needed.
25. Learn how to say no.
26. Dance.
27. Show when you love something.
28. See your role in how things are.
29. Celebrate.
30. Listen more, talk less.
31. Practice love.
32. Laugh (always).
33. Ask.
34. Have a wild imagination.
35. Do it for love.
36. Choose to be there.
37. Be free.
38. Break the schema.
39. Cooperate with how you work best.
40. Be generous with forgiveness (especially for yourself).
41. Find your courage.
42. Use your real voice.
43. Feel your feelings.
44. Behave with integrity.
45. Know that it’s not about you.
46. Get the learning.
47. Do something different.
48. Like yourself no matter what.
49. Set an intention for each interaction.
50. Be present.

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