a prescription for job bliss

Here’s what I know about you: You spend time and enormous amounts of energy wishing that the process of finding job bliss were different than it is. Especially when you’re on the brink of want for that next career stepping stone to appear.

If you are getting frustrated with the online application process in particular, it probably means that you’re spending too much time looking for work online.

Because really no more than 10% of the total time that you devote to creating work should be spent “shopping” for work online.

In fact, do it less if you notice any signs of resentment, helplessness, or even anger because you want things to work or be different than they are.

When you’re looking for your next career step and job bliss, don’t accept unpleasantness as part of the process. That’s a choice.

Here’s what you can do instead: Do what you can to always stay connected to yourself.

I have a client that competes in hobby chef competitions, another uses his time doing cycling tours of the city he lives in for tourists, one finds connection to herself through doing yoga and another through her photography practice. Other favourites are writing, painting, knitting, meditation or singing. For me? It’s walks and cuddles with my dog and of course … writing.

Decision-making that follows activities where you feel connected to yourself always come from a place of greater clarity. Plus if you don’t do these “little things” to keep connected to yourself, you also don’t see the doors, windows and chutes of possibility around you simply because you can’t when you do not accept what is.

Finding work is then just a series of hoops to jump through with no rest afterwards. And work is an endless hoop itself. Burn out inescapable.

Things that keep you connected to yourself are what give you the energy you need to engage in and manage your job searching in a way that feels good. (Yes, really!)

Now be(a)ware of your thinking that this process ought to be harder or more complicated than the simplicity of what I’m offering. Realize that the real work on your journey is in self-discovering the real reasons why you would insist on believing that you could possibly have job bliss if none of your steps feel blissful.

Because work you don’t enjoy isn’t what burns you out. Burn out comes from the conditions that you put on your job bliss.

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