A to Z for finding your dream job

It’s a time of year when you’re reflecting on what it would mean to have, to do, and be in your dream job. But what does it mean to stop dreaming and start creating it? That is … to find it.

What does your dream job actually look like?

How can you make it happen?

What would it take to create it?

And most importantly of all, are you willing to undertake the steps to make your life so worthwhile that you wouldn’t want to live any other life but your own?

Keeping in mind:

Whatever your dream job – whatever it is that you really want, you want it not because of what “it” actually is, but rather because of how you want to feel living it. And the only way that those dream feelings (accurately speaking) actually come to fruition is through your doing in this moment.

I’m talking about conscious doing, inspired doing, loving doing – rather than doing for the sake of achieving milestones where satisfaction escapes and eludes you.

Create your dream job today. In the next thought you think, the next thing you buy, the next gesture you make. These aren’t insignificant steps. This is what creates the path. Because what is you that is to be gifted to the world through your dream job comes from these moments.

And look – I know your ego would prefer a burning bush or an announcement on a jumbo screen to what I’m suggesting, but that’s not how dream jobs speak to you.

They’re wispy dream shards that you catch glimpses of and then question.

They’re whispery clouds of insight that escape your conscious memory.

They’re weird moments of energetic bliss that you think of as nothing.

But waiting for the neon sign, mass approval, or the burning bush is why you’re not in your dream job right now. So begin to feel your dream job today.

Ready? Here’s the A to Z of how to find your dream job:

A – Ask for what you want in a dream job. Make a list (and check it twice!).

B – Be yourself as much and as often as you can be (until it’s all you do). That is your dream job.

C – Connect to people that you want to work with. Every dream job has dream colleagues.

D – Dance with the process – don’t fight or fret about it. There’s no dream job a the end of that fret or fight.

E – Express your gifts in words to those listening (they’re the people who ask: “Tell me about yourself …” “So, what do you do?”).

F – Find a fit for you. Find what you do and are. De-clutter yourself from other voices.

G – Give what you want to give in your work that wants to be received.

H – Handle yourself, colleagues and the people you serve with care.

I – Include yourself in the process if something impacts you. Don’t pretend that you don’t matter.

J – Judgment is absence of love for both yourself and others. Love is a labour of dream job work.

K – Kindness matters en route to your dream job. To yourself, not just others.

L – Love who you are and you will do what is loving. This defines a dream job.

M – Mean what you say, say what you mean.

N – “No” helps you to manage expectations or ask for help if something needs to get done.

O – Open the present that is the day. The future (dream job) is created in the now.

P – Plan what to say when someone asks you what you do – you’re not just a job title.

Q – Questions are useful when you feel judgmental of others. Dream job seekers always ask.

R – Request what you need and don’t be afraid to hear no. The answer is irrelevant because it gave you more information.

S – Style your work space in a way that pleases you. Even small touches.

T – Talk to the people involved in your frustration (and get good help with that when you need it because everyone is scared).

U – Understand that you are a human being – not a human doing. Dream jobs come true when you recognize the value of your being.

V – Value your energy rather than managing time. Some tasks give you energy. Some deplete it. Know which are which.

W – Walk and get air during the day. You must make time for dreaming if you want a dream job.

X – X-ray your mind regularly (e.g. meditate). Working hard to move forward without knowing your insides works against you.

Y – Yesterday is gone. This happens every day.

Z – Zoning out to cope must become a non-option.

Here’s to your dream job dream coming true. xo

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