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Sabrina Ali - Career Counselor & Writer

Here’s my thinking on the whole career thing …

Who you really are is what the world really needs.

Career bliss is not some idle daydream. It’s the thing you do that makes you feel useful. It’s being of service to your fellow human beings in a way that is uniquely you. And when you get paid for it, it means that you feel integrated and whole. There is no greater bliss for us humans.

And it totally helps if you learn how to laugh at yourself while loving who you’ve been for all this time. We don’t mean to hurt ourselves, but the fact is that we do until we don’t.

And you’re here because …

You might think you need a complete career overhaul. But you don’t have to think that to be here. You could just need some fine-tuning because you know that things can feel better than they do. Or you could have that foreboding feeling that when a certain amount of time passes you’re going to be very unhappy and want to do something about it now.

The bottom line is that you know yourself well enough to know that you’re not totally happy and that’s no longer okay with you. And you could use some career guidance from someone who can hear and honor the truth in your existence.

My approach to career counselling …

I have real conversations with you about your career. I don’t isolate your career as a topic that has nothing to do with other parts of your life. And that’s refreshing. It’s also an enlightening experience to re-orient yourself to the concept of work.

I also help by asking the right questions and I’m a skilled listener. I know that’s really appreciated in this day and age. Even if we aren’t working face-to-face (because most of my work is virtual – over phone and Skype with professionals located around the world) you’ll get insight to things that you can’t get from talking to your friends or your family.

I’m professional and I’m human. I respect that you’re a professional and that you’re a human too.

See here for a complete list of services I offer. Or find the Bliss Kit here.

The Bliss Kit

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“Working with Sabrina is truly inspiring! Get unstuck with tools and insights to see what’s possible and move forward with clarity.”
Eva von Wagner | Senior Travel Consultant

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How I know what I know …

Once upon a time, I thought that I was destined to climb the corporate ladder in order to create the security and happiness that I desired. And I desired a lot because I didn’t grow up with much. My biological father abandoned our family when I was four years old and I was abused. It was a very tough start.

To compensate for the lack in my life, I was a diligent high achiever with the world of great self-expectation to carry on my shoulders. I achieved things that were not supposed to be in the cards for someone with my background: I’m university educated, I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve lived and studied abroad, I learned Swedish, and I happen to look young (in my field, if you don’t look like Santa Claus, what the heck do you know?!). Technically, I had done “all the right things” to achieve all the goals that were supposed to make me successful and happy. But nothing ever lasted because I was scared all the time that I wasn’t strong or smart enough.

What happened when I changed on the inside would never compare to what I changed on the outside.

When enough was enough (meaning that I got sick and doctors couldn’t find a reason), I did one thing that I hadn’t done before. I asked for help with my career because I had used my career specifically to run myself into the ground – fearless in finding the next job that would be the right one this time. I had no qualms whatsoever about finding new work – in fact, it was the thing that I loved the most. Hilarious right?!

I became a student of the material that I now facilitate for others and saw how hidden in plain sight all of my answers to life’s tough questions were. Three years after this, I got certified to deliver FIRO® Theory (a framework developed to unblock human potential in the context of interpersonal relationships from the US Navy) and was invited to lead the program that had helped me.

After that, I went on to create this online enterprise where I write, share, teach, and connect with people who want to wake up feeling connected to all parts of their life that include their work.

As part of my career docket, I’ve also been a speaker – the low-tech, keep it real, stir the imagination kind. I’ve graciously been hosted by the YWCA and YMCA, The Adler School of Professional Psychology, SilverBirch Hotels and Resorts, Simon Fraser University and at secondary schools on three continents. Plus some other places too.

I recently sold my house and decided to live in an airstream with my husband and two dogs so that I could spend more time writing and enjoying being alive. So far I totally love it. I share about my work and life on Instagram (if you wanted to see for yourself).

Those are the basics about me.

If there was anything else you wanted to know, ask me anything and I’ll see what I come up with. Or if you’re thinking of working together, here is a list of my service offerings or you can get in touch electronically here to get started.

And don’t forget that we can keep in touch if you’re on my confidential list.

You’ll have to forgive that I don’t like twitter, so you won’t find me there. But I am on facebook and LinkedIn too.

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“What a gift to awaken to my authentic self at work! Sabrina helped me to see meaning and translate that into confidence in navigating my career.”
Orly Darel | Sales & Merchandising Specialist

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