Bliss n’ blisters – career guidance for your soul

There’s a voice in my head that loves to suffer.

It would come out every time it was time to find a job (which was a lot since I regularly left my jobs either because contracts ended or I needed a change of scenery motivated by unhappiness).

The voice would say:
“You need to pay the rent!”
“You need to eat!”
“You need to stay warm or you’ll die – you get cold easily!”

Wait – I get cold easily? Maybe this voice didn’t hate me after all.

That voice was acting like I was one day away from living in a cardboard box begging for money. So for a while I was hypnotized into believing that my survival was always at risk. It dictated what jobs I applied for, how I conducted myself in interviews, and what I wore and how I did my hair – I needed to play the part of wherever I was going to work after all, didn’t I?

So I would start a job and then this other voice would come out and say:

You know this isn’t for you. You love yourself too much to let this go on much longer.”
“I know that you know that you need WAY more freedom.”
“We both know that this isn’t going to last.”
“You, darling, are what they call a free agent.”

I didn’t go nuts. (I’m surprised too, believe me!) I decided to learn from these inside forces. Here’s what they taught me:

You came here to get bonked around to actually learn something. It’s part of the deal if you live in a body. You exist = you get blisters.

BUT we have the choice to add to the equation. The ONLY thing that makes blisters worth it and even desirable is BLISS. And you can work from a blissful place within and create the life that you imagine.
So do you want bliss with those blisters or not?

How did I arrive to this? I got the voices to get together. Together they are strong. Together they proclaim: You are your own freedom and security.

The sooner you integrate that into the cells of your being, the faster your insane behaviours stop. The faster you can feel on purpose.

A mini lesson on suffering (since you’re here n’ all):

Type 1: We endure (it can go on and on and on) – the one with just blisters.

Type 2: The one we cross – the one with bliss + blisters.

The suffering we cross over is accompanied by bliss – characterized by a pain that is intense, brief and cannot be predicted. It is the capacity to unblock soulful being and doing in the world.

Your path unfolds.

Feel and experience your worthiness.

Catch all the miracles with your name.

The other kind of suffering is the one many endure on a day-to-day basis. It blocks the soul. I think you might know a few folks like that. Bitter life outlook. Perhaps with a dash of regret. Treats everything and everyone as a burden? Maybe a little hardened looking or feeling either inside or out?

(Psst – You have a mental “time limit” for them, don’t you? Five minutes? Oh, it’s less. Good for you. Very wise indeed. But what if you’re one of them? Do you know? How? Just asking.)

A mini lesson on bliss as a finale.

Bliss is love.

Real love:
:: Moves us forward – not holds us back.
:: Is impetus – not restraint.
:: Is the love we receive because it is what we give.
:: Is magnetic. Powerful. The proverbial real deal.

Only a journey with your whole heart will get you through the difficult times.

Your job is to feel and follow the pull of your blissful self to work that is a pure expression of you.

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