what is bliss? defined as poetry.

Bliss is you.


Creating the life of your dreams.

On purpose.

The recipe?

Clearly set intention.

Brutal kindness.

Mad, mad, mad … LOVE.

… and truth.

Being genuine. This is “the” magic.

Connected. Deeply. To what truly matters.

You matter to you.

Sharing generously with the world.

Distractions are filtered out. Out, out, I say.

Giving what you know.

(Like in your bones “know.”)

Focused. Loyal. Compassion.

Offering your goals and dreams to the world. As you.

Palms open. Holding light.

May you know your bliss. May you be your bliss.

‘Tis the season for bliss. xo

How about you – what’s your definition of a word that means a lot to you? Whether in prose or poetry.

make. believe. for real.
Where you fuel, re-tool and attune your imagination. Get your soul to work (on purpose). Ruthless compassion. Fierce gentleness. Sassy wisdom. And oodles of insight.

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