burning question: what would you like to stop doing?

From the past:

Stop blaming myself first; Pretending that I didn’t have any needs; Treating what I wanted as unnecessary; Putting myself last on my list; Staying in relationships – with friends, family, colleagues, ex-boyfriends because I thought that my life would be lonely otherwise; Planning every inch of my life; Wishing for something different and not doing anything different to create it; Acting like I was important; Acting like I wasn’t important; Refusing to own my beauty; Denying that I knew the answer to the questions in my own life; Hating my hair; Wanting to be a different colour; Wanting and expecting the past to be different than it was; Argue for my limitations; See myself as flawed.

The flip-side – the present:

Acknowledge that we all played a role in creating results – get curious about my own; Acknowledging and strategizing to get my needs met; Treating what I want as information about me by me for me; Putting myself first; Showing up for synergistic relationships; Being there for my life; Feeling and doing the authentic thing; Seeing myself as whole; Seeing the other as whole; See the beauty all around me (including within); Answering my own questions with my own wisdom; Loving my hair; Seeing myself as perfectly configured for a purpose that is wholly mine to tend to; Loving the past through forgiving myself; Arguing for my limitless; Owning my shadow and becoming whole.

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