burning question: what’s your superhero name?

If you’re following me on twitter, you already know. I wasn’t hiding it from you.

The name when I’m undercover is none other than The Witch of Bliss (@thewitchofbliss).

As a sorceress of sorts, I use my prophetic and portal creating abilities in everything I do wherever I go and help others to do the same.

I have had this ability ever since I can remember and have used my life as a means to master my superpower.

Where others see the mundane, I see jewels and gems of wisdom, riches and insight for new worlds to exist.

I see the path. I see the way. I listen differently and so I hear things differently than others. I use my abilities to be a guide, for my wisdom is older than the years I’ve spent on this earth.

I sense decisions with the enchanted qualities imbued. They shimmer in my mind’s eye especially for career and personal development. I see where miniscule windows open for you. I hear your power words of honour, truth, enthusiasm and follow them to the end of time. I am even drawn to the pain that has the most transformative qualities for your journey.

I know what must be done. I do what must be done. I help others to do that too in all that I do.

I make what once seemed a perilous journey, an enchanted path of protection. I lend my voice of wisdom, truth, belief and trust into the mind’s of others to keep going.

Stretch. Find out. Feel alive.

These abilities, I’ve been told, often give the appearance of knowing what I’m doing. This is not the case. These magical abilities come because I trust what I am doing. That is the difference.

And these abilities have been tested. My own journey began when my metaphorical homeland was starving and under attack – being destroyed before my very eyes. To stay would have been more dangerous than to risk the journey. Armed with prophetic abilities, a wild imagination and pure heart, I traveled.

Traveled to new and unknown landscapes of education, roles in organizations, countries, through relationships and to a place called home that resides within.

My greatest learning: you can leave your job, but you can’t quit your calling.

Click to tweet it: “You can leave your job, but you can’t quit your calling.”

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