what career bliss and being professional have in common

Fear isn’t nondescript. It’s actually very specific.

If you ask.

If you listen.

If you care to know.

Fear says that career bliss is not only improbable, it’s impossible. Because, fear says:

Being the real you at work is unprofessional.

So you have this fear that if you were really yourself at work you would be unwanted. It’s telling you that there is just this one way to be and that all jobs require that you be something other than who you are.

That there is no other way.

So you either exaggerate your endearing qualities to please others or suppress your genius to fit in (even if doing this day in and day out exhausts you).

You know the rituals of inauthenticity aren’t working anymore because you experience doubt about the career path that you’re on and need more and more sleep to muster up the energy to be who you’re not. Not to mention money for vacations, credentials, education, memberships and outfits to create and mitigate for a life that isn’t who you really are.

Here’s how real life math works:

Being yourself in all aspects of your life is what gives you energy for your life. Not only is life is not meant to be compartmentalized, it’s what’s impossible. You are unwaveringly who you are in everything that you do even if you refuse to see it. Free your will, rather than using it against yourself.

Career bliss exists. Career bliss is your ultimate professional self. Career bliss and professionalism have everything in common.

Being authentic determines your best match for the work that feels the best to do.

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