career bliss is close at hand + it’s my birthday

Sabrina Ali‘Cause it’s my birthday and because I want to celebrate with you, today is the first ever Bliss Kit Pay What You Can Day.

***Pay What You Can Is Over for 2013. Thanks for joining in on the festivities! xo***

For the next 24 hours I’m offering the Bliss Kit at the price that you can pay whether it’s for yourself or someone else. It’s a day of giving, investing, loving, and career bliss whether for yourself or someone else that you believe in.

And we definitely need to believe in the purpose of our life and the lives of others in order to make believe for real.

This digital kit has epic content for career navigation – the kind that nips career dissatisfaction in the bud.

The Bliss Kit is inspirational – filled with real stories from past client experiences, 7 potent guided imageries that will leave you with more self-insight than most conversations ever could, 17 animated videos to help you to understand the everyday concepts that change how you look at the life you thought you knew. There are also oodles of PlaySheets intended to create a destination where your work is play. It’s lots n’ lots that has everything to do with real life and making the life you want real.

In other words, it’s very generous not to mention life changing.

I created the Bliss Kit because I got seriously depressed when I would hear people say that what they did for work sucked, but that they didn’t know what they really wanted to do with their life instead. And I feel genuinely sad when I learn how much time, energy and money people spend on courses, training and education only to finish and feel even more confused about what they want to do … all because we live in a culture where it scares people to admit: “I don’t know what I want to do, but I’m willing to find out.”

Ready to find out for yourself what your purpose is? Get your copy of the Bliss Kit at a Pay What You Can price (I’m so happy for you already!).

Here’s how Pay What You Can for the Bliss Kit works:

When you click through to make your purchase just adjust the price to what you can pay (or see the fine print for more options + details).

The Kind Fine Print

1. This offer ends at 11:59am PST Saturday March 2. Sorry if you were out of town, missed the email. Really sorry.
2. This sale only applies to The Bliss Kit.
3. No going back in time – even if you bought The Bliss Kit yesterday. Sorry.
4. I reserve the right to decline too-low offers.
5. I accept multiple payments over time. Absolutely. So if you want to pay $30 in three parts via PayPal, for example, email to set that up. Easy peasy.
6. If you have a question please email He will respond.
7. If you already have The Bliss Kit and would like to gift it to someone at a pay-what-you-can rate, do it! I’ve had people donate money to me for the full price in the past to offer the Bliss Kit to complete strangers in need. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels for everyone involved. Email and we’ll get on it!
8. Don’t like PayPal or credit cards? Email to make arrangements before the close of this sale to send a cheque (that’s what a check is called in Canada).

And when you get the Bliss Kit and do it and things happen this year – write to share your story!

Your story about an insight that changed everything, a new trajectory, changing the way you work completely even if you’re in the same job (but it feels different for some reason), is worth sharing.

I wish all the best to you this year! Big love for a big year! Take action below (yeah – that red button) –


Want to tell someone about the Bliss Kit and this offer and looking for help?

A note to someone you care about:

Hi! I know you’ve been experiencing career dissatisfaction for awhile and that you’re not sure exactly what to do with it. I just wanted to let you know that I found a resource that might be what you’ve been looking for. It’s a career navigation kit for people who want to feel like themselves in what they do for work and it’s called the Bliss Kit. The information page should be able to tell you whether or not it’s for you, but I thought I’d tell you about it because it’s on sale for “pay what you can” for the next 24 hours. Sounded like a good deal to me. Here’s the link: ‎

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Click here to tweet: “Your work can b a source of contribution & fulfillment. Pay What You Can 4 the Bliss Kit from @TheWitchofBliss 24hrs”

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