career help for your dis-ease

I am writing to ask (no, actually, maybe, it’s closer to begging) you to cease the following:

Don’t meet people and barf out “corporate speak” (so that you can fool yourself into thinking that you’re making a career connection).

Don’t tell people what you’re awesome at and expect them to know what you’re saying (because you’re not using words that they can relate to).

Don’t act like you’ve got your shit together and then tell people that you’re looking for work (it’s confusing to be on the receiving end of a message like that because you haven’t said what you actually want).

In short, stop acting like you’re not a human being.

And now, it’s time for my imploring plea (and some professional career help):

You are a real person. A beautiful, gorgeous, amazing being. You don’t need to hide yourself behind words that don’t mean anything to you (or others for that matter).

You have a purpose. And it’s awesome. You are a human being after all. Don’t diminish yourself by focusing just on your doing.

You have feelings. And they guide you as indicators. Feelings were not meant to be managed, ignored or controlled. Create your career with feeling (from now on).

You are a genius in something. Even if you don’t know what it is in this moment. Until you figure it out, in the meantime, you can absolutely learn how to talk about yourself professionally in the now. There’s no need to hide any facts.

You are not a lost soul nor are you a troubled guest on this earth. You came as a guest of honor. Take ownership of who you really are and act with this in mind. It begins with your speech.

Though first, you must believe. That you are enough. That’s all it takes. Even if you’ve never believed it before now.

Then you can learn how to articulate who you are, what you do, and why you do it. With. Utter. Clarity. Not to mention unrivaled professionalism. Don’t let shame keep you where you are. If you need career help to do this, get it.

That’s real professionalism. Not the fake. Facade. Face-saving kind.

And stop spreading this dis-ease (it’s a real life example randomly picked because there are so many. I altered only the details to protect the identity of the individual):

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Corporate Business Manager with an extensive history in Retail Operations Management and Business Development with a proven track record of increasing company revenues through clear prioritized objectives. A career path that includes Territory Sales & Executive Sales Account Management in the South Western US, Retail Operations Manager and most recently an exceptional career in Retail profit Recoveries as Lead Operations for my client, a shoe chain in the Southern US. Exceptional analytical skills inspiring measurable results in maximizing sales, solid understanding of data collection and interpretation. Recognized for ability to incorporate innovative management techniques that result in enhanced business practices, increased productivity, sales and increased profitability.

Currently Seeking New Career Opportunity, please send invites to:

Note to self for you: If a 10-year-old or granny can’t understand it, it’s not saying anything nor is it doing you any justice.

Get real. Right now. I promise, you will not die.

And. I was wondering. Would you be interested in some worksheets or a virtual class or mini e-product to learn how to talk about who you are and what you do? In any situation? Meaningfully? To help me help you, leave a comment by completing this sentence: I don’t know how to talk about myself when …

(Shy? Email me.)

Lastly …
Someone you know (or even someone that you don’t) would appreciate this post I bet. Gratitude is best when shared. With thanks!

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