claim your career bliss: interview with ronna detrick

“In any context … I want to be doing things that I am super passionate about, that have all kinds of energy, but that are [also] restful. Not this kind of ‘striving, frantic, tension-producing, what am I doing, who am I, what’s going on, exhausting hamster wheel-spinning in my head’ – I don’t think these two [passion and rest] are counter-intuitive.”

– Ronna Detrick, Writer & Spiritual Director at

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P.S. I asked Ronna if her stuff was just for women. Turns out that it’s not. She said that because she is a woman that she speaks from that perspective (duh!), but that men read her work and write to her too. So if the topic of God is of interest to you regardless of your biography, biology or beliefs, if you feel more at home in the world to connect with this (re)source, then do.

And, here are a couple of my favourite entries by Ronna for your reading pleasure Enjoy!

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