claim your career bliss: interview with adam king

“If [overcoming my limitations or myself] were achieved through a pill or some magic ‘big break’ … I would have been piling on another layer of false identity and false pursuits … we must revel in the process [of life]… because if you’re not, [you] miss getting rid of everything that is burdening you as a human being and embracing everything that actually fulfills you. That’s why you need to be grateful for the process.”

– Adam King, Digital Entrepreneur & Writer at

If you have ever found yourself uttering the ‘entrepreneurship question’ – by the way, it’s specifically: What does it take to finally live and work on my own terms successfully? Adam’s book might be of interest to you. It’s pay what you want. Click here.

And if there is a single MUST read post on Adam’s site, in my books, it’s this one: The Depression Cure For Artists

And a wee story: I really enjoyed speaking with Adam and walked away from our conversation feeling sparked. So much so that I wrote a poem. If you’d like to hear it and the “afterword” – click here.

What’s this interview? Click here.
Looking to claim your own career bliss? Click here.

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