getting in the mood … for career bliss

“Working on your career” isn’t the most inspiring thought to hold in your mind. In fact, it usually conjures up the feeling of rolling a rather large boulder up a big hill without really understanding the purpose of the task.

So, my advice is: Don’t bother working on your career.

Focus more on getting in the mood for career bliss if you want to make something happen.

Seduce yourself with the perfume of inspiration.

It’s not hard. If you know what to ask of yourself. Which is of course what I’ll help you with.

Two questions to ask yourself + one action = career bliss

:: First question –

What feels inspiring to you?

Here’s what’s happening when I feel inspired personally:

:: In bed first thing in the morning looking at the ocean and watching the boughs of the trees sway gently in the wind. The sky puts on a show to greet me for the day sometimes for a minute or an hour. My role: Just watch.

:: Dinner with my husband. Chats with my friend Matt. I’m engaged in meaningful, synergistic, compassionate and ‘no one is to blame and everyone played a role,’ self-reflective-type conversations.

:: My dog takes me for my walk at 2pm and then we have tea together afterwards. Just the two of us.

:: Writing while unattached to what I think of my writing.

:: Savouring exactly one cookie or one square of really good dark chocolate. And possibly another after, but then no more.

:: Stretching.

:: Okay … now the second question –

What dulls your creative mojo, impulse, or desire?

Okay, me first:

:: Worrying about whether or not my psoriasis will ever fully go away.

:: Planning and organizing most anything by myself (when I know that I really only like organizing and planning tasks with other people who have this as their actual strength).

:: Having time fantasies that don’t get readjusted based on reality and feeling burdened by self-expectations that were placed on me by – that’s right: MYSELF! This goes something like: the laundry is taking longer than I planned because I did more loads than I planned, and dinner needs to be made, but I need one more thing from the grocery store, but what I wanted to wear when I went out is in the wash (aka I’m out of underwear). Oh yeah and I was supposed to write, but now I’m too exhausted.

:: Eating more than three cookies, squares of chocolate or anything else, for that matter, that doesn’t have exquisite ingredients or that wasn’t made in the spirit of love.

:: Not stretching.

:: And now for action –

Epiphany: The more I do the things that feed my creativity (responses from question 1), the less I find myself in situations where my creativity’s mojo, impulse or desire is a flop (responses from question 2).

You will feel like time is well and meaningfully spent when you do the things that feed your creativity. That it’s not a luxury to do these things, but rather a necessity, since your sense of productivity, not to mention compassion, patience and love for others goes up exponentially.


You’ll be a joy to be around.

(Rather than being the person with low self-esteem and not knowing because no one will tell you that you have low self-esteem because they know you can’t handle the thought. Yeah, totally been there.)

Try it. Experiment. Reflect.

And write it all down. Write it down because this is your own secret formula to set yourself up for the energy and wisdom of career bliss.

It’s not rocket science.

(This is a very good thing.)

So this isn’t about being smart enough or good enough.

(Thank goodness.)

It’s about taking enough of an interest in yourself to know who and how you are. Because the career results that you want come from being utterly yourself.

Pray tell, what do you do that inspires you to like the person you are?

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2 responses to “getting in the mood … for career bliss”

  1. Hey Sabrina, Thanks for this post it came at just the exact time I needed it! I was worrying about my future career and where it was going and after reading your post remembered that if I just stay true to what I like to do for FUN my career has been unfolding out perfectly! Thanks, your worry-wort follower Matt

  2. Hi Matt. Yeah – love divine timing. :) Your career IS happening and the energy that goes into it (fun) is the energy that will come out of it (and has). We think things should always be “happening” and if they’re not we abandon ourselves to worry. Patience isn’t waiting for things to happen, it’s really about learning how to be with yourself while things unfold. In the meantime, you can become “No need to worry Matt.” lol Thanks for writing. xo

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