a happy birthday to me! + it’s pay what you can day 4 u!

Sabrina AliI would love for you to celebrate with me. And to celebrate you.


And to celebrate together, it’s the second:

“Bliss Kit Pay What You Can Day.”

For the next 24 hours I’m offering the Bliss Kit for whatever you can pay.

For yourself? Lovely.

As a gift for someone else? Why thank you very much-ness.

The Bliss Kit was specially designed with the needs of professionals and executives under 40 in mind. A curriculum and toolbox of self-awareness, inspiration + real world steps (that you actually want to do) to help guide you on your career journey. Now and forever.

It’s a complete system with all the steps needed to experience career bliss for those who already know how to find work but that secretly believe that work ought to feel more joyful.

Here’s some of the praise that The Bliss Kit has received in the past year:

“ … it’s refreshing … it works.”

“ … always useful. Every time I look at it. I still love reviewing it.”

“I’ve looked at a lot of career material and this stuff is really different. Really great. It goes beyond my ego.”

“I took it on vacation with me. That’s how much I love doing the work in it.”

The Bliss Kit is both profound and simple – it’s filled with real stories from past client experiences and includes 7 potent guided imageries that will leave you with more self-insight than most conversations ever could. There are 17 animated videos to help you to understand the everyday concepts that change how you look at the life you thought you knew. And then there are also oodles of PlaySheets intended to create a destination where your work is play. It’s lots n’ lots that has everything to do with real life and making the life you want real.

Ready to find out for yourself what your purpose is?
For the next 24 hours Pay What You Can to get your copy of the Bliss Kit.

Here’s how Pay What You Can for the Bliss Kit works:

When you click through to make your purchase just adjust the price to what you can pay (or see the fine print for more options + details).

The Kind Fine Print

1. This offer ends at 11:59am PST Sunday March 2, 2014. Sorry if you were out of town, missed the email. Really sorry.

2. This sale only applies to The Bliss Kit.

3. No going back in time – even if you bought The Bliss Kit yesterday. Sorry.

4. I accept multiple payments over time. Absolutely. So if you want to pay $30 in three parts via PayPal, for example, email daniel@makebelieveforreal.com to set that up. Easy peasy.

5. If you have a technically related question please email daniel@makebelieveforreal.com. He will respond.

6. If you already have The Bliss Kit and would like to gift it to someone at a pay-what-you-can rate, do it! (First) email daniel@makebelieveforreal.com and we’ll get on it!

7. Don’t like PayPal or credit cards? Email daniel@makebelieveforreal.com to make arrangements before the close of this sale to send a cheque (that’s what a check is called in Canada).
8. Wondering what you can pay? Offer what feels authentic and genuine. That’s the right amount. :)

And when you get the Bliss Kit and do it and things happen this year – I’d love to hear about it:

Your story about an insight that changed everything, a new trajectory, changing the way you work completely even if you’re in the same job (but it feels different for some reason), is worth sharing.
I wish all the best to you this year!

Big love for a big year! Take action below by clicking the button.


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