My 1st favourite things list

Why a favourite things list?

… because I value good recommendations and want to spread the word when I know of something good.

… because while I don’t want everything that I lay eyes on, there are certain things that offer a sweetness to life that I really appreciate.

… because when you can’t find something good and you’re looking for something good, it makes you f**king crazy that you can’t find it.

… because I want to support people, companies and products who work for love and money.

… because I’m on the planet and we all need to feel inspired to sell what comes from the soul.

Without further ado ….

1. James Hillman’s The Soul’s Code. It’s very deep and I need small doses of it to digest and it’s full of my favourite thing – wisdom.

2. Mulberry silk-filled comforter – amazing. Just the right temperature, no bunching, no hot or cold spots. Just a wonderful sleep experience.

3. Keeping on the them of a good night’s sleep, my favourite pillow is the Zensation Pillow. We have them in the guest bedroom too and all the guests always ask about the pillow. That says something.

4. My inner child died and went to heaven when Daniel got me The Mermaid’s Treasure as a birthday present. If you love mermaids, this is a fabulous book. I personally think my inner child appreciated it more than I could have as an actual child. Just my opinion though.

5. I’m in love with the stainless steel water bottles (the 750ml – perfect size – not to small, not too big) from EarthLust. I love the size, design and the mouth opening is also the perfect size. They come is classy colours with some really cool nature silhouettes and pictures on them.

6. If you have a dog the FURminator is the best investment. Gentle strokes and you’ll be amazed. If you wanted to knit with the pet hair, this will get you your knitting stash quicker. I don’t personally intend on doing this by the way, but I know that people do.

7. Yummy home-made pizza toppings – try this: pesto on an unbaked thin-ish crust topped with a big handful of coarsely chopped arugula, sauteed mushrooms, crumbled pancetta (bake in the oven for 5-7 minutes for crispy goodness) and finely grated parm cheese. Bake on a 400 degree oven for 10-14 minutes. Sprinkle with some extra chopped up arugula and serve after letting it sit for a few minutes (pizza cutting tip: cut pizzas with scissors – way easier!).

8. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a wonderful bedtime ritual. Just 2-3 drops on clean skin before bed. I don’t know what happens overnight, but my skin feels well-hydrated, so soft and it smells so nice (gentle lavender).

9. Le Palais Des Thes makes and incredible tea called the des sables that can be ordered online. It was inspired by a trip to Morocco (a beautiful country with beautiful people if you were every considering a trip) . It is flavoured with the famous Damas rose in addition to the other aromas in the tea which delight my senses.

10. If I were stuck on a desert island and I could have one product with me, I always need a great lip balm on hand. My absolute favourite is from John Master’s Organics and it’s called Lip Calm. Just the right amount of shine (just a hint) and a lovely texture and scent.

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