how a cover story can help you create career bliss

Sometimes it’s hard for people to accept what you have in mind for yourself.

Especially when it comes to creating career bliss.

And other times it’s hard for you to accept what you have in mind for yourself.

When I left my last “real job,” I wasn’t ready to reveal what I really, really, really wanted to do.

Or where my career bliss was taking me.

Enter the cover story.

When you have no idea how what you want to do will come to be (just yet), and people are inquiring constantly about answers as events unfold in real time, a cover story is a truth that you can share in peace to get the space that you so desperately need.

A few years ago, what was unfolding in my life was a big deal. Daniel got a job offer far away from where we called home at the time and from where I worked. Together we decided to resettle. We were headed to Vancouver Island.

Before long the news started to break that I would be leaving my job. Naturally, as it is natural to wonder, people wanted to know why I was leaving and what I was going to. My cover story:

“Daniel got this job over there and I’m going so that we can stay together.”

It was truthful. Socially acceptable. No one asked for more. It’s a complete cover story and takes care of just about anything that everyone worries or wonders about. People nod in understanding. People nod in approval.

But you see I had these other plans in the works … well, you actually know already. You’re here, after all. Reading this.

Moving to be with my partner was important to me because I do love him and wanted very much to journey with him through life wherever that took us.

But beneath the appearance of a story that read as “girl follows boy as he pursues career bliss” there was another (deeper) story of my very own in the works.

At that moment however, my self-concept had a lot of catching up to do. Because it’s completely normal for what you desire and what you believe about yourself to need revising and updating in order to come into alignment so that it may become your future.

Consistently heading in the direction of your desire in the form of everyday action applied as time unfolds is the way.

It’s the very essence of what it means to transition, transform and ultimately incarnate.

So my fledging plans were safe under a cover story.

Because it truly would have felt crazy to leak any more information while I was still investigating my leads.

It would have felt tabloid-ish to share that I am publishing my work to share as part of my platform via my virtual career counselling business. I would have felt shady in my facts announcing that I intended to help people across the continent and beyond that yearned to navigate their career with confidence, clarity and authenticity. Because that’s what I had struggled with the most and came to resolution about, that’s what I had to give.

Too public too soon with others whether they are supporters or saboteurs in the end invites all manner of questions and opinions that take you away from being present with the steps as they unfold for you to take.

This is how satiating the curiosity of others is a waste of time. No matter who you love and want along for your ride, you will encounter people unwilling to take their own steps, so they don’t know how to support you taking yours.

Since my fledgling plans have manifested into reality it doesn’t feel strange to read or write what has transpired now.

But several years ago, it was just an idea that I hadn’t done anything about yet.

An idea that needed protection, perseverance and action.

In fact if I talked to you at all about it, it was because you had expertise to help me bring it into being.

A cover story is just the cloak of invincibility you need to create your own career bliss.

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