i’m fine, thanks.

Oh no. You’re not.

Don’t even start with me.

Seriously, when you tell someone “I’m fine, thanks” have you ever really paused to consider how not fine things really are?

If you were really fine you would be on purpose, you would be singing your song (that only you can sing). By the way, you would also be genuinely happy. And you wouldn’t stop there. You’d give happiness away generously because you live with the warmth of gratitude in your heart. You would be wondering how you could help without thinking in the background “What’s in it for me?” – not because there’s something wrong with that, but because thinking that makes you feel icky! Plus, if you were really fine, you’d have no trouble granting yourself the permission you seek to be authentically you.

And by that, I mean, you’d love what you love because you are who you are.

So here’s the thing:

I want you to know about this film. It’s called “I’m Fine, Thanks.” When I saw their kickstarter campaign and movie trailer, my insides just lit up like a Christmas tree. (Yes, they did!)

I wanted to help, but I also wanted to do more than just help with a pledge (which I did already). I was inspired.

And I felt pangs of wanting to be more generous.

On the table my friends, if you help them too (and time is seriously of the essence here):

Pledge $15 – $49 to “I’m fine, Thanks.” and I will gift you with Session 3 of the Bliss Kit: Choose Your Own Adventure ($20 value) + you get whatever they’re offering you (and their offer is generous!)

Pledge at $50 – $149 to “I’m fine, Thanks.” and get 30 minutes of one-on-one Make Believe magic time with me + Session 3 of the Bliss Kit: Choose Your Own Adventure + whatever they’re offering you (which is really awesome!)

Pledge $150 or more to “I’m fine, Thanks.” and get 30 minutes of one-on-one Make Believe magic time with me + the FULL Bliss Kit + whatever they’re offering you (which is out of this world!)

And if you believe in their message / want to see the movie / think their message could help the people that live on the earth, please support them in whatever way or amount you want to. Because that’s what matters here. Even a dollar counts! (Yes, they’ll take a dollar!)

We only have a few days left! It feels so good to get on a bandwagon, so hop on! :)

Pledged up? All you have to do is email me (sabrina [at] makebelieveforreal [dot] com) the pledge confirmation email from kickstarter dated at least for today (June 15) until the campaign closes (June 22, 2012). It’s the email with the subject: “Thanks for becoming a backer of I’m Fine, Thanks by Crank Tank Studios.” I’ll reply and we’ll go from there.

(This offer is also good for people who increase their pledge amounts btw).

And please tweet, share and spread the word to support this profoundly inspiring message. Let’s make dreams come true!

(‘Cause isn’t that what we’re all really here for?)

Much gratitude sincerely from the bottom of my heart,

Sabrina xo

Click to tweet it: “Get more bliss for your buck: pledge to “I’m Fine, Thanks” & receive gifts (big ones!) from @TheWitchofBliss”

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